Guild Name: Anime Girls
Faction: Horde
Realm (US/EU): Wyrmrest Accord- US
Realm Type: RP
Realm Timezone: P.S.T.
Progression: N/A, we're a brand new guild
Raid Times: Planning on 5 days a week, 2-3 hours a day.
Raid Schedule: Wednesday - Sunday, 6 p.m.-9 p.m.
Openings: All are welcome.

Anime Girls has come to fruition!

We at Anime Girls want to welcome you like a smiling Maid Cafe waitress, to the warm and fuzzy feeling you get when you join our team.

We're a brand-spankin' new guild with lots of potential to grow and become a thriving community.

If you're pretty new at the game, or a veteran all the same, we want you.

We're here to push content, mythic+, complete quest logs and host social events and we'll help you along the way, new or seasoned.

We prefer you be seasoned for our Raid teams, but, we'll have a casual team as well!

Pls. Let us show you the warmth that is the energy Kawaii-desu.

Get your Dakimakuras ready, and prepare..pst me for an invite.