A V A L O N is a guild from the start of Legion that's looking for dedicated players to strengthen our core team.

We are an active social group of players who push a lot of mythic+ and other content when not raiding. Raid nights are fun but focused. We won't chew you out for talking during trash pulls, but on a boss try we require 100% focus. We only raid for 7.5 hours each week so we want to make the most out of it.

We are always looking to strengthen our roster for mythic raiding. Our long term goal is to become a 3day mythic guild that is able to clear current mythic content before the next tier or expansion.

Recruitment Status

Healer (with solid dps OS)
Balance druid
Aff lock
Tank (with solid dps OS)

We always accept exceptional players even if your spec/class is not listed

Raid days

Wednesday 20:00-22:30 ST
Thursday 20:00 - 22:30 ST
Monday 20:00-22:30 ST

Our expectations

Minimum ilvl of 935+
Turn up on time for raids
Bring food, pots and flask
Have a good understanding of your class/spec

Contact info

You can always wisper the following players: Eldair, Meralla or Cynion.
Or you can add one of the officers below.

Fannox#2336 (Officer)
Eldair#2833 (Officer)