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    Is Draenor still part of our universe?

    So, is Draenor (from WoD) stilled link to our universe? The the Dark Portal was destroyed from Dreanor persepective but there have been portals that allowed to travel between worlds, have those dissapear? Has draenor replace Outland, are we actually travelling between universes insteand of Outland being replaced or was Dreanor just brought to our universe and Outland is still a thing?

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    Presumably, the link that once connected us to Outland has been usurped by a connection to the alternative continuity that contains WoD's version of Draenor - and that link remains present even though the Dark Portal was de-powered or destroyed (just as it did the first time the Dark Portal on the Azeroth was destroyed to close the door to Outland). By that token, it would seem that Outland itself should currently be cut off from Azeroth and otherwise inaccessible - although with modern portal magic and with it being at least within our universe it might still be possible to go there.

    The major umbilicus created by the Dark Portal, though; is still connected to AU Draenor.
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    Both Outland and Draenor are still accessible from Azeroth via portal magic.

    Difference is, the Outland portal is just a traversable teleport whereas the Draenor one is influenced by time/dimensional.

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