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    Legion: #yolo and Light's final blessing save the day

    I originally wrote a longer post but I decided that I was being a bit unfair and biased since Legion did have some great stories like Suramar and the Nighthold. But did anyone else feel like the ending was a bit too rushed and didn't get a proper build up? Both the revived Pantheon and Argus played a key part in Sargeras' defeat despite not being mentioned a single time prior to 7.3. Actually the whole story feels like it got derailed midway. The first part of the expansion was all about collecting the Pillars of Creation to shut down the Felstorm while scrambling to stop the Legion from bringing Sargeras to Azeroth. The second part just felt like a string of deus ex machinas starting with Velen #yoloing it through the portal and beating down Kil'jaeden and then the heroes getting revived "Light's final blessing" style during the final battle. It really contrasted with the initial premise (can't beat the Legion without planning, if you rush in blindly you're going to get stomped like Varian and Vol'jin. Even if your name is Tirion and you carry a pocket deus ex machina it will not save you).

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    I think you missed a few things. They were hinting at Argus since the very beginning.

    Did you think the Light's Heart and Illidan quest chains were just not leading up to anything? The pantheon was also mentioned in the Light's Heart questline, with Khadgar going "wait Sargeras killed the pantheon?! That's not good!" leading into us finding out from Argus that they're still intact and being converted to evil in Antorus.

    And we did plan. Zerg rushing your enemy's graveyard to spawn camp them is a legitimate BG strategy, thank you very much.
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