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    Thumbs up Brewing to fight food waste

    Brewing beer from bread isn't really a new idea, but it probably isn't the first thing you think of as a home brewing project. I thought this article was interesting because it isn't something relatively niche like kvass (https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Kvass), nor is it a novelty brew like some of the recipes to recreate ancient Egyptian beer for example (https://www.homebrewersassociation.o...egyptian-beer/). Nope, while there is an element of novelty in it, this seems to be an attempt to go mainstream with a bread based beer, while also fighting food waste.

    Their recipe: http://www.toastale.com/toast-ale-recipe/

    The article: http://edition.cnn.com/2017/11/14/wo...ale/index.html

    Toast Ale sources its bread from sandwich-making factories, which have no use for the end slices of a loaf.

    "The reality is that the end slice -- the crust -- is never going to end up on your sandwich," says Rob Wilson, Chief Toaster at Toast Ale. "In the production line there is somebody at the start of the line taking the crusts off and putting them straight into the bin."
    Toast Ale estimates that 44% of the bread baked in the United Kingdom goes to waste, with households alone throwing away 24 million slices each day.
    "I would love to give you this romantic story of me on a pedal bike going form artisanal bakery to artisanal bakery getting this bread, but the reality is bread waste is happening at an industrial scale," says Wilson.
    Wait, I get to drink beer and reduce food waste? Now that sounds like a worthy cause!

    What about the rest of you? Would you drink it? Can you get it in your area? Have you tried it? Any home brewers out there thinking of giving this a shot?
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    I do like a good dark wheat beer. I'd be game at least to try a taste.
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    Well, it is viable. Nice thought out if they can get the bread from the stores and make a bigger production.
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    Most brewers with half a brain give their used grain to farms for animal feed.

    Also, the majority of yeast strains are all collected from nature and cultured into larger volumes.
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    Hey, as long as it's something I can drink I'm all for it. I'd definitely at least give it a try.

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