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    Do you think that GW2 is a hard/difficult MMO?

    Greetings, champions! Good to see you all.

    Today, when I was coming to work, I kept thinking: how hard is Guild Wars 2? Is it really a hard game?

    GW2 is usually pointed at as an MMORPG made with casual players in mind (like myself!). But I'd argue that the game is hard in some areas. Raiding is kinda hard, but that's because you depend on other players, that's expected, but the HoT areas and challenges are really difficult and I love them! You either git rly rly gud, or you call for help.

    So, what is your opinion on GW2's difficulty?

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    I think GW2 has too many "challenging" part where they don't belong, in story mode stuff. Usually it's trying to time your dodge or interrupt during a lightshow. For some achievements and stuff, I like having to do X without getting hit or something, but just to progress in the story, meh. I haven't tried a raid, just don't feel like getting into that environment in GW2.

    It has gotten irritating that they keep making the meta achievements a "do all 35 achievement" thing. They used to have a list of 15 or 20 and you could pick the 75-80% of them you wanted, but it's been a long time since they went to this "do everything or gtfo" stuff.
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    I harder than WoW if thats what you're asking if you're looking to be efficient and not waste your time. The thing about GW2 though is that theres nothing stopping your from grave yard rushing most stuff outside of fractals and raids. Die to a story boss? Respawn and just pick back up where you left. Its easy to misinterpret skill for getting carried in an open world boss (sometimes even fractals). Run a DPS meter and you'll see that 1% of the participants are doing the majority of the DPS or keeping people up. Not even kidding, dps meters for open world fights look like this if you rotated it.

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    It's generally very easy, there are few challenges in the game, but the majority of the game is easy. Atleast from my pov

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    Most of it is easy content, CM dhuum tho, fucking brutal.
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