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    Well, I suppose we will never agree. I don't want to seem judgemental, but to accept the rules just becuase they ARE the rules sounds insane to me.

    Have you even though about what Blizzard allow or doesn't allow? Do you personally think they are reasonable? I know you will say yes regardless but please, try at least to imagine if things couldn't be better if they weren't so sensitive.

    I will never in my life accept bad rules and always fight them. I spend a lot of time in Overwatch and can obviously not create a game like that myself, so I will always wish for it to be better. And better means less sensitive.
    Here’s the part you are not getting, regardless how you -feel- about the rules breaking them won’t change the rules. I can’t speed and tell the cop the rule is stupid so don’t give me a ticket. If you want to change the rules you have to get into a position where you have a say in what the rules are. I could become a politician and use my position to increase the speed limit, I can get rich and use my money to influence the city to change the speed limit. I can not like the speed limit all I want but constantly breaking the limit just ensures I lose my driving privaledge. Then I maybe but in the end I’m just a no car having loser who can’t keep a job because I can’t drive to work.

    And your not a freedom fighter, you are just another guy on the internet who thinks they don’t deserve consequences for their actions. If you want to be a social injustice warrior you have at it but you are never going to get a game that is made for ages 12+ become less sensitive because it isn’t about being sensitive it is about business, making profits and creating an environment that the most people will use the product. If you don’t like it then find another game.
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    If you push a button that finds you a 'random group' and it gives you a random group of people with random skill and random knowledge then you have no right to complain that a 'random group' button did what it was designed to do. The fault lies in your inability to make friends to play with instead of relying on a button designed to be random. It is a 'random group' button, not a 'best of the best' button.

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    "shit team" and "cheesy shit team"
    I'm glad you're suspended. People like you need to be weeded out. You don't go around real life being that obnoxious to people, if you did you wouldn't get far. I don't know why people behave so differently on the internet but it's good that you're seeing repercussions.

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