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    Sample kill dates for various guilds from ToS vs Antorus

    I originally started writing this to try and show that most guilds were on Sisters 3 1/2 weeks in to Tomb, but it's so hard to tease out of wowprogress what progression looked like at a certain point in time that I started just looking up various guilds. If someone is bored at work and wants to fill in the weeks various guilds got their kills I'll add it.

    Mythic Tomb / Mythic Antorus
    Week 1: June 27 / Dec 5
    Week 2: July 4 / Dec 12
    Week 3: July 11 / Dec 19
    Week 4: July 18 / Dec 26
    Week 5: July 25 / Jan 2
    Week 6: Aug 1 / Jan 9
    Week 7: Aug 8 / Jan 16
    Week 8: Aug 15 / Jan 23
    Week 9: Aug 22 / Jan 30
    Week 10: Aug 29 / Feb 6
    Week 11: Sept 5 / Feb 13
    Week 12: Sept 12 / Feb 20
    Week 13: Sept 19 / Feb 27
    Week 14: Sept 26 / March 6
    Week 15: Oct 3 / March 13
    Week 16: Oct 10 / March 20
    Week 17: Oct 17 / March 27
    Week 18: Oct 24 / April 3
    Week 19: Oct 31 / April 10
    Week 20: Nov 7 / April 17
    Week 21: Nov 14 / April 24
    Week 22 (final week for Tomb): Nov 21 / May 5

    Dates Selected Guilds Got Maiden, Fallen Avatar, and KJ
    Method--Jun 29, July 4, July 16
    Exorsus--Jun 29, July 7, July 23
    Limit--July 1 (Week 1), July 23 (week 4) and KJ Aug 5 (Week 6)
    Easy--July 1, July 15, Aug 16
    Strawberry Puppy Kisses--July 18, Aug 3, Sept 1
    Infinity--July 19, Aug 21, Sep 14

    Obscure Reference US40--Aug 4, Aug 30, Sept 29
    IMBA US 59--Aug 11, Sept 12 (week 12), Oct 11
    Plummit US 100--Aug 25 (Week 9), Sept 29 (week 14), Oct 24
    Barracuda US 150--Sept 5, Oct 5 (week 15), Nov 9
    Best Friend Forever, US 200--Sept 18, Oct 30, Nov 20
    Reprieve, SCH, and Falconwing Square, Final 3 guilds to get M-KJ, US ~250--Nov 28 possibly before the servers went down for KJ (I can't tell, the timings are in Greenwich Mean Time or something a kill at 5 pm Pacific is listed as 0101 hours), Roughly Halloween for FA

    On Thursday of the fourth week (Dec 28), here's where those guilds are:
    Method 11/11
    Exorsus 11/11
    Limit 11/11
    Easy 11/11
    Strawberry Puppy Kisses 10/11
    Infinity 10/11

    Obscure Reference 7/11
    IMBA 9/11
    Plummit 9/11
    Barracuda 6/11
    Best Friend Forever 6/11
    Reprieve 4/11

    But just as one example, Pummit killed the third-to-last boss in week 9 of Tomb, and the third-to-last boss by week 3 of Antorus.

    If this tier turns out to be too easy, it'll be a bummer. I would have loved for Portal Keeper to be harder in particular, I really liked the concept there. And Varimathras could have been tuned harder, he seems to just be falling over for most guilds. Eonar--I'm glad she's easy, if she was tough it'd take a lot of class stacking. And Imonar...I also like the concept of where the bridge crossing was going, but immuning / sacrificing the tank as they cross the bridge for everyone kind of negates what seemed to be a big part of the intended design.

    Although Antorus being easy won't be so bad if BfA ships earlier than most expansions did. If it's a year from the announcement though, which has been typical, summer 2018 is gonna be a rough time for attendance in the World of Warcraft. I think it could be as early as July, though, with September probably being the most likely (just my 2c). http://www.wowhead.com/news=276181/s...le-for-azeroth

    Again, if anyone is bored at work please reply by changing
    Method--Jun 29, July 4, July 16 to Method--Jun 29 (Week 1), July 4 (Week 2), July 16 (Week 3)
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    Well it's no brainer that this tier is easier than ToS, our guild is as average as it gets raiding 2 nights a week and we're already on Kin'garoth.

    Everything up to Imonar was really trivial and Imonar itself was about on the level of Sisters for us, probably easier, I'd say. Kingaroth - seems to be easy too, we literally waltzed into it during holiday raid and made a couple of sub-50% pulls already first time we seen it.

    It just feels much easier so far, we did not get to anything that is on the level of Mistress yet and that's 7 bosses already, as opposed to ToS where already 4th boss was somewhat troublesome and 5th a wall.

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    4th was somewhat troublesome, I think you meant 6th for mistress who was both a wall and difficult to re-clear after you got her because the eels could randomly get blown up by someone, and then maiden was a ~150 pull boss that was also difficult to re-clear for several weeks...and then the fun began.

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    So Saturday of week 6:
    41 guilds worldwide now have 11/11, including Strawberry Puppy Kisses
    IMBA is 10/11 as is Infinity
    Obscure Reference 9/11
    Plummit 9/11
    Barracuda 7/11
    Best Friend Forever 8/11
    Reprieve 6/11

    In ToS the 41st Cutting Edge went out to Alacrity on Sep 7, which was on week 11.

    On week 6 of ToS progression, Limit got World 9 and a Chinese guild on Marrowgar got World 10. Libertad didn't get world 11 until week 7.

    For the non-bleeding edge, with 3 raid nights to go in week 6, US100 Dark Forest is at 9/11, US250 Wildcard Gaming is at 7/11, and US500 Gravy is 5/11.

    A lot of the guilds that just barely got Cutting Edge in T20 were just beginning Mistress progression on week 6. It's kinda funny actually, a lot of these guilds have their first Desolate Host kill in July and then their first Mistress kill in mid September--she was not an easy boss.

    Edit: At 9 pm Monday pacific it's actually up to 53 kills.
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    Monday night of week 7, very few new kills probably due to the Mythic Argus bugs and raid lag from patch 7.3.5. Kill count at 60 at 11:30 pacific. 260 world aggramar kills, and ~250 US Kin'Garoth kills. Roughly 525 US kills of the first five bosses.

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