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    [7.3.2] Resto Druid Mythic+ Guide (Part 1 ~ Getting Started)

    In preparation for part two, what is your favorite leggo combo and trinket setup for mythic+ in different dungeons?


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    Nice guide, I wish something like that would exist for every spec.

    As for legendaries, I'm pretty unimaginative and always run with Prydaz (being in bear form when Prydaz triggers = 55% bigger shield) and Velen's Futue Sight. Can't really go wrong with those. Would be nice to hear if there are better options for certain dungeons and/or bosses, though.

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    I've always got Prydaz on, the shield and stats are great. My other legendary swaps back and forth between Velens (more in raids, though), and Eko for the stats/speed (with feral affinity) or survivability (with bear affinity).

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    I'd say make sure to talk about bear dps with moonfire spam of you have the right legendaries. Everyone who follows high m+ knows JB's group relies on him doing a ton of dps with it.

    Good video though. I play moonkin but would like to get into healing m+ as I kind of miss doing it from when I healed as shaman earlier in the expac.
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    My default setup is prydaz and eko (great synergy with t21 in 5 men content and adds nice survivabilty).
    Depending on the tank, affixes and instance I trade eko for the belt for immense single target heal, although it's been a while since I felt using it.
    For trivial content where I am mostly dpsing I use moonfire shoulders and sephuz.

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