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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragnork58 View Post
    PvP servers aren't going away.

    If you wanna play on a PvP server so badly, just go to a home city and toggle it on. Boom, PvP server.
    The server type itself is. By default no server is a PvP server anymore unless you choose to turn that toggle on willingly.
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    Having not played on one since late BC, nope. Not one bit.
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    "World pvp" only exists now as a minor annoyance that happens when you accidentally hit melee who are attacking the same boss as you with AoE spells. CRZ questing was the final nail in it's coffin.

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    Nope, Since I didn't play on them, and was 85% a PvE player, don't care. I do feel bad for those that did enjoy playing on them.... unless their only enjoyment was to gank lowbies and those unable to defend themselves.

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    Nope. Joined one when I first started 11+ years ago with a friend who happened to pass away a couple years later and not worth the cost/inconvenience to transfer 10+ toons.

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    I still have some chars on Tich-US which is probably the "main" pvp realm for horde in NA, but the server is still like 75% pve. There isnt really going to be much to miss.

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    Not really, never liked those high lvls with nothing better to do then mess with low lvls. That's just pathetic that you suck so much you need to target those much weaker just to get some kills on your character.
    If I want to PvP, which I want to once in a while, I'll go do BGs or Arenas, that's what they are there for.

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    I've always chosen to not play on them. The year or so that was obliged to play on one was terrible and I moved back to PVE the first chance I got.

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    Definatelly not.
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    I'm also on a pvp server because of friends. being camped usually means I have to log off. :'(
    hit & run posting lol

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    Good riddance. The only people mad at this change are griefers. THE ONLY!

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    Legion killed any wpvp fun to be had. In any previous expansion I would have said yes, I won't miss it at all after seeing the shitshow of Legion pvp though.

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    Nope, good riddance and they never should have existed in the first place.

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    Nope. Can't really say that I will.

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    I won't miss it at all, I hate having to deal with PvP when I'm trying to do my mythic+ dungeons, seriously, I once joined a +15 upper kara, ported to karazhan and died BEFORE my loading screen finished, the area was swarming with hordies, and the group was forced to disband because we couldn't enter the dungeon because the horde kept spawn camping us.

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    Making script slayers rage back in the days never got old. I'll miss it a bit.

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    Looking forward to being on the same server as my wife. She's been PVE and I've been PVP since release. Now we'll be able to farm for each other and she can hop into some of my mythic raids when we're short or to drop lock cookies and a summon stone when none of our locks decide to show up...

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    No, PvP servers are a curse.

    They cause huge population imbalances because no one wants to play on a server that is dominated by the opposite faction. This of course is a positive feedback loop. The more people who join an imbalanced server on the dominate faction, the more others are also encouraged to play there.

    Now here is something ironic: PvP servers killed world PvP.

    As a server becomes increasingly one-faction dominate, the number of available enemies decreases. In the end, you have a server full of your own faction with few people to even engage in PvP with.

    On paper, the new changes stand to correct both of these problems. And although they won't magically balance out overnight, it will lead to more balanced servers over time.

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    Quote Originally Posted by callipygoustp View Post
    Were any of the PvP servers, population wise, balanced? I was pretty disappointed about this one aspect of Blackrock when I moved there during early Cata. Seems like a wasted feature if the population of each side is way out of whack.
    Only in vanilla. When BC came around most people flocked to Horde or server hopped to a higher Alliance pop realm, WPvP has never been population balanced on any server since.
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