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    Arms... many buttons... Oh? Now I get it: I've must have been playing it all wrong... Rant-> the modern iteration of Arms is total shite (for 2 ex.pax). BfA pls change it!

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    buy a razer naga............done

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    I used to have 3 full keybinded bars, and part of a 4th bar (so around 40 keybinds), by WotLK/Cata. Nowadays we have so little skills some classes/specs can do it with 2 bars, sometimes not even full. And there are people who think this is too much keybinds... I don't even...
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    a mouse with at least 2 extra side buttons helps a lot, and scroll up and scroll down is awesome too

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    Wtf did i just read op

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    I wish I had a screenshot of my warrior keybinds for arena during wrath, I had to use all the variables with Ctrl,Alt and SHIFT.
    But it helped me be a better player for sure.
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