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    Leveling a Guardian

    I'm working on leveling a Guardian druid currently, but I feel like I'm constantly rage starved. Is this normal? I'm currently in the mid 20s and unless I'm missing something only have 1 ability (Mangle) that generates rage and 1 talent (Bristling Fur or Blood Frenzy). Am I missing something, or is this a common thing at low levels?

    Also any other advice on Guardian would be appreciated.

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    You'll be a bit rage starved to start with at low levels, once you get Thrash and talents like Galactic Guardian it'll be easier. It doesn't really matter at your level though, I wouldn't worry about it.

    If you're desperate though and just want to feel like you're doing more, use Blood Frenzy talent and Thrash will give you more Rage each time it deals damage.
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