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    Horde 951 [H] Holy Pally LFG

    11/11 H Antorus, looking to find a late night raiding guild, either going into Mythic, or already in Mythic. Preferably after 9pm EST on W/Th or after midnight M/T

    I'm not currently able to post links, as I just created an MMO champ account, but I do have logs posted on warcraftlogs, under Audrick-Darrowmere

    Btag is Audrick#11176
    Discord supermoose#7887
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    Hey Audrick, we're looking for some Paladin Heals to help round out our Healing Corps. I know you posted 9pm EST, but we start at 8PM EST Wed/Thurs. We're currently 3/11 Mythic Antorus and progressing on Portal Keeper Hasabel. If you can make 8 pm EST, we'd like to have you check us out.

    Our guild page:

    If you'd like to submit an app:!Ad7EAmnQEv

    **I can't post links yet either, but just add the appropriate 3 w's and that http if you know what I mean!**

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