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    [Resto] T21 4 set + Ekowraith. How can we determine if it's worth it?

    I've searched high and low for a good evaluation of our T21 set. Among the few pieces of information I found was a conclusion that Velens + Shoulders outperformed Eko. But, this fails to address T21 in a vacuum, especially in regards to ilvl and how much it's worth to sacrifice to maintain the 4 piece.

    If there's any interest in this, I will gladly provide detailed character information, but for now, any help with my current gearing situation is appreciated

    • I drop 6 total ilvls (from 960 to 954) to equip Eko+T21
    • In small group settings like Mythic+, this seems more than worth it due to Dreamer blanketing + supercharged Ysera's gift. These two heals combined for roughly 19% of my healing in a +17 key.
    • In contrast, the set bonus seemed to be much less relevant in H-Antorus this week, particularly with group sizes north of 15.

    I believe it's worth to mention that I do not have Velen's yet, so comparing Eko's output is a moot point.

    Again, any help at all is SUPER appreciated. I'm returning to the game after a few years hiatus and I may be behind (or simply unaware of) the tools used to make decisions like this.

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    In general, the consensus is that the top tier legendaries are Velens/Prydaz/shoulders with Ekowraith kind of being a tier below them. Especially with a 6 ilvl decrease, I highly doubt it's worth it. Keep in mind that Ekowraith does not buff the Dreamer HoT - just the base Ysera's Gift healing, which typically makes is worth 3%-5% total added throughput. What you can do is take logs of fights using different combinations of legendaries and put them into WowAnalyzer to see the throughput contribution from each legendary. Yes, Eko does give you added survivability (+3% to Guardian Affinity), but Prydaz is typically better for survivability than Eko. You also have to keep in mind that both Eko and Prydaz have extra secondary stats added to them (but WoWAnalyzer takes that into account).

    My personal conclusion has been that Velen's/Prydaz is the best general purpose legendary combination for the following reasons:
    - Velen's is still an automatic given how much extra throughput it adds (often upwards of 9%), and because other than Carafe, the Antorus trinkets are still pretty underwhelming for sustained raid length fights.
    - Prydaz uses a slot that has maximum competition, with everyone in the raid potentially wanting high ilvl necks that drop. It also adds an insane amount of personal survivability and extra stats
    - Using Prydaz/Velens frees up all 6 tier slots, so you can use whatever tier pieces you can get high ilvls of without restriction. It also gives you a lot more freedom to pick up high ilvl offset items for the other 2 slots, given how RDruids can largely make any stat combination work, and the fact that many other specs can't use offset stuff easily.
    - It also lets you have options like equipping a high ilvl Drape of Shame, etc. a lot easier than using a tier slot legendary.

    Until you can get Velens, I would just use shoulders/Prydaz. If you could switch to Eko without a huge ilvl drop, it might be a viable option, but it definitely doesn't work for you if you're dropping 6 ilvls for a legendary sidegrade.

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    -Arlee, thank you for the bump, I was confused as to why I didn't see my post!

    -Tiberria, Thank you for the insight. I believe I was slightly unclear about the 6 ilvl drop. It was in reference to equipping all 4 tier pieces. I'll edit my post to reflect as such.
    I'll try out your advice with Prydaz, as I actually am pretty fond of the safety blanket it provides. Would your reccommendation stay the same if there is no ilvl drop at all? Thanks again.

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    While not an absolute ranking you can get a good idea of legendary performances here:

    Mythic: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statist...fo=Legendaries
    Heroic: https://www.warcraftlogs.com/statist...s&difficulty=4

    It is a step behind the top legos but it is very usable. My druid is not my main right now so I am not doing progression raiding on him, so I have been playing around with Ekowraith a bit and been very happy with it. It is also hard to put a value on the secondary passive it buffs. I know 49 yard heals is very useful on a couple fights. For M+ it also ties a lot of group healing into a single quick cast which frees you up to do other things.

    Basically it is not the best, but it still strong while being very easy to use and providing some nice qol.

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