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    Quote Originally Posted by ichtreffnix View Post
    did you know with patch 7.3.5, 7.3.2 or before?
    Sry dont remember, might have just been a fluke.
    Had done a lot of runs early expansion aswell so possibly bad luck protection if that´s applied to the drop.

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    i´m also done 100+ runs each dungeon before my break before 7.2.x I missed the 7.3. patch....and now i think the droprate is turned down again to pre 7.3. rly bad luck for me

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    Its pretty stupid since it was droping 100% before 7.3.5 hit live

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    i have done ~30 runs after my last post each dungeon at heroic and a few at mythic...still no drop! i think its not bad luck and the drop-rate is down to pre 7.3.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ichtreffnix View Post
    with 7.3.5 or before?

    cause i´m farming since a week now again (have a break before) and i´m round about 10 times farmed both dungeons again at normal (solo) and hero (grouped) since then and no luck with any binding.

    I farmed them ~100 runs last year with no luck and would try it again now with the better drop-chance i read about. But for me it looks that it only dropps better with 7.3.2 and not the actual 7.3.5

    very sad atm
    Patch 7.3.5 I think, it wasn't that long ago.
    But that's weird, I just used a huge amount of AP(comparing to the assassination artifact) on the Dreadblades and unlocked every trait(well, not every legion buff), and then it dropped after 2 dungeons(!).

    09/12/2017 <- according to
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