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    Given how toxic you are here it makes sense that you feel like your teammates suck. You probably tilt people into throwing, or demoralize them to the point where their performance is worse.
    Well, I feel you could talk to me as well, cause I often hear it.

    But face it, if you are getting facerolled early in the game and no one listen or change hero etc, it's pretty much over. I can often tell who is gonna win the game after 2 minutes of gameplay or less.

    I still try my best, it's in my blood, but I always get really, really upset at a team that play bad, like not swapping heroes or communicating, and yeah maybe that make them play even worse.

    It's an unfixable problem, HOW can you make people play better if they don't even answer a single thing you say. This happens at every rating, at least up to diamond.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Katie N View Post
    You just post pure bullshit all the time when people point out how flawed the system is and say it's them and not the system that is wrong. Bullshit without any support.
    You ever notice how you only have excuses? 3 characters are tracer counters "But she can just run up and shoot you in the face", "Everyone else on my team is the problem and they don't belong at my level." You can increase your chances of winning by inviting people who you think play well to your team, "But I don't want to play with strangers!"

    When all you have is excuses and scape goats you may as well enjoy your rank because you are doing nothing to improve yourself personally. People who blame everyone else never improve.
    If you push a button that finds you a 'random group' and it gives you a random group of people with random skill and random knowledge then you have no right to complain that a 'random group' button did what it was designed to do. The fault lies in your inability to make friends to play with instead of relying on a button designed to be random. It is a 'random group' button, not a 'best of the best' button.

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