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    Quote Originally Posted by Venarik View Post
    Alternatively accept that you will lose some games and learn how to not lash out at teammates when it happens. That'd eliminate quite a lot of toxicity.
    Everybody has bad games, and every team has a worst player. Don't despair over what your teammate is/isn't doing, focus on what you can be doing.
    When you get Torbjorn, Widow and Hanzo in attack, it has nothing to do with a "bad game".
    You can't "focus on what you can be doing" when you, alone, does not make a team.
    "The Dark Lady chooses her champions well."

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    reduce toxicity?
    amongst 14y olds?
    over internets?
    Are you even?

    And anyway, you do realise people sometimes need and have to vent out?

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    The only way to reduce toxicity is Jay and Silent Bob treatment.

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    The Fix: KYS you giant pussies learn to not take words so seriously you dumb transgender sluts

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    Quote Originally Posted by Funky View Post
    The Fix: KYS you giant pussies learn to not take words so seriously you dumb transgender sluts
    Easy there cowboy

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    Quote Originally Posted by Crillam View Post
    Easy there cowboy
    bang bang~

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    Quote Originally Posted by Katie N View Post
    Make matchmaking better so you actually have people on same skill as you on your team and people won't get pissed when you get people who obviously can't play the game on your team just because they are same SR and not same skill.
    Maybe if you want to sit around hours and hours in queue for people of similar skill level...
    It's like Blizzard telling me I can't have a steak because there aren't enough cows left, but then tell me I can have as many hamburgers as I could possibly eat. That is exactly their logic with Void Elves which literally leaves no excuse as to why there can't be High Elves. - Check it out, it's enlightening.

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    but skill fluctuates?

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