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    Every holy healing spell need new animations, they are 12 years old and the only "new" one is from cataclysm and looks like shit. It's really pathetic that they choose warlock before paladins and even priest and shaman which got new animations every single expansion while holy paladin literally havent got a sinle one since cataclysm.

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    Templars Verdict is a bit lame, Final Verdict from WoD was way better. They should take that animation and add some extra animation rigging to the character when casting, make it feel like a mighty slam of holy power.

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    I want Final Verdict and some new updated better looking wings.

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    Light of Dawn please. Could be done so much more with it. If you look at other healing classes their AOE spell animations. Pally should smash the ground with his hammer and create a wave of light going forward.

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    Dawn of Light should use DK's howling blast animation.

    Atleast they gave male belves female nelf casting animation for flash of light, so he doesn't look like he's picking up coins anymore.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Heart of Thorns View Post
    Brothers and sisters, I come to you bearing question. What animations would you like to see updated for Battle of Azeroth? The first one that comes to my mind is Avenging Wrath. It most definitely shows itself to be a construct of the previous decade. Then there is Divine Storm which beauty shineth most divine in Wrath of the Lich King. And never again after.
    Yes, I miss the splendor of my paladin animations. I don't know, but don't they scale to the character model either? I think the hammers around my tauren are just a few buzzing flies these days.
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    I want the old judgement animation!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spaze View Post
    I want the old judgement animation!

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    I really want old Divine Storm animation back. I can live with the rest, but current DS only starts looking semi-good when you get the trait that launches it forward, but it still doens't look as awesome at it used to in WotLK.

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    Light of Dawn is horrible. It is basically just static yellow rectangles.

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    Templar's Verdict doesn't need update, just bring back the awesome animation which we had from Cata until Legion. Where your character made a 360 spin and powerful overhead smash. I have no idea why they changed it, current TV animation looks so shitty and boring.

    The old animation actually still exists in the game files, but its not used for any ability atm. You can see it in WoWhead model viewer, its called "DeathStrike"
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    Quote Originally Posted by GreenJesus View Post
    Light of Dawn is horrible. It is basically just static yellow rectangles.
    and it stays in air when you move, literally feels like buggy particle.

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    Every animation related to the holy spec, old TV and judgment, AW could use a different set of wings for each spec... Seems like prot is the only one that who got a decent set of new animations, while retribution is a warrior with golden flashes and a rising blade from the ground, holy is.... the same since Cata.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Thyr View Post
    They should remove this idiotic weapon rise on several spells like ds and hoj. DS is fine, add the character spin back. TV animation is lackluster because it looks like a filler style with another color other classes have. Judgment should have the boj animation and replace boj with exo.
    I also choose this.

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    I want fancy resurrection casts as the priests have, with all of the glowing and floating bits!

    Something similiar for Light of Dawn: Both arms used, preferably just pointing forward, open palms so the light can rush out.

    Generally I'd love it if the holy spells had a slightly more aggressive texture to it all. (Holy) Priest healing is very gentle and soft, pally healing should pack a punch, so maybe less glow/floaty particle and more runes, symbols with precise lines. Less open palm conjuring and more gathering power around a closed fist. I'm totally into all sorts of halos and wings though.

    I'd love something akin to the Seastar proc/particles being used to link the Blessing of Sacrifice target to the healer. Blessing of Freedom could have shackles being broken and some glowy feet afterwards; Blessing of Protection a sort of golden spirit/angel piggy riding the target's back (Thinking about the Ghost debuff from Attumen/Lower Karazhan but gold). Optional runes to change into Spirit/Valkyr.

    Quote Originally Posted by Sparda Strife View Post
    ... AW could use a different set of wings for each spec...
    I love that idea! I'd like feathery wings for holy pointing skyward; red/fiery wings for ret that extend backwards and leave a little blur when they move; and slightly silver set for prot that extends from the back like a billowing cape of protection.

    Quote Originally Posted by Stiaar View Post
    Holy shock, your hand should go forward, not up.
    Awesome idea, and depending on it being used for dmg/healing a different arm should be used. And on the target: if it's healing it smacks the chest, if it's damage it smacks into the back.

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    It's actually a bit beyond me that people like the new Priest animations. They look broken, buggy and just unfinished. Not to mention the way they rise into the air is a bit ridiculous.
    I certainly hope they do not touch any Holy Paladin animations and if they do i would want the old Holy Light back. They could maybe make Light of Dawn a bit larger and more "impressive", but for me it's fine where it is now (certainly better than what they did to the poor Priests).
    Regarding Ret, i would love the original Divine Storm to make a return (it just looked so much better).
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    Happened to be scrolling through the wowhead dressing room and stubmled upon two animations called palspellcastright and palspellprecastright.

    They look like the model is shifting through pages of a libram which they're holding in another hand before casting it outwards looks pretty awesome. Probably something for the holy paladins since they didnt get anything with the first caster animation pass.

    probably relevant to the topic anyway.

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    Not a spell visual as such, but I'd really like Divine Storm to have a different sound. Currently, the sound reminds me of a gust of wind running over a sheet of silk. I want a badass sound for an AoE that should hit fairly hard, since it uses our holy power.

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    light of dawn
    its the oldest animation in the fucking book

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    Am I the only one who wants the old templars verdict animation back? Not to mention make divine storm actually do a physical attack (perhaps the same animation as a warrior's whirlwind)

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