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    (H)(US) 946 Brewmaster Monk LF Active Raiding Guild

    Clurefu 946 Brm Monk 76 Artifact. 10/11 N Antorus first week before previous guild disbanded. Available anytime between 4pm -11pm EST. Currently on Zul'jin server, willing to transfer and faction change for right fit. My battletag is Clure#1797.

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    Hey there! My guild, Novus Initium on Thrall, is looking for a 2nd tank. We have a solid group of about 20 but recently lost our off-tank. One of our boomkins has been filling in; however, he'd prefer to go back to dps. We are 9/11 Heroic and also run normal on the weekends (usually Saturday evening). If you'd like to chat, my btag is Gypsy#1635 (I did send you a btag request as well).
    Best of luck in your search!
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