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    Quote Originally Posted by Lufi View Post
    Hello my fellow wow players I will try to keep this short altough it's not that easy. This is going to be written in a form directed to the wow devs as that is the ultimate goal.
    After many months of farming and hundreads of relinquished trinkets open I decided to take a different course of action. As most of you probably know an arcano is the biggest trinket upgrade after pantheon for an mm hunter. In order to compete it is a must have both in single target and aoe, it's the trinket that once you have it you are set and ready. Problem here is the way to get it as you literally have to grind for countless hours and you have no guarantee it will ever give you what you need. A person that will open his first boss has the same probability of getting one arcano as someone that has opened hundreads of them. I get it people need to keep playing the game but you're delisuional if you think that farming argus is a good way to do that as it only builds burn out and unhapiness in the customers. All I did was farm this expansion, even got 10k wq's achievement months ago so I guess I have been paying the same subscription and farming as much or even more then the people that do have arcanos. In the glory days I was going on argus killing all elites and stuff two times a day which would give me close to 2 trinkets a day.

    It's definitely not fun or healthy to farm argus even tough it offers such a great reward so here I ask what should the devs do next patch to fix this situation?

    Is there any way we can make this visible to them? I did consider reddit but it's a circlejerk of memes or cute photos and wow forums seem dead.
    to be fair alot of the top logs lately are normal pantheon+owl instead of arcano+owl

    at 1000 ilvl Pantheon+owl will beat arcano 100% unless its like a 930+ arcano.

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    I feel you OP. I do 6+ invasions a day, killing most of the elites, and pick up those buggy caches that sometimes doesn't even give loot.
    I've bought around 200 trinkets (across two characters) and I have yet to see it. The amount of time it takes to farm 650 veiled argunite is just painful. Then I inspect hunters I pug heroic with, and it seems over half of them got arcano, making me think "it should drop soon!".

    But it doesn't.

    Hopefully they'll just nerf it. Either that, or decrease cost of the relinqueshed gear, or increase drops of veiled argunite. It's one of the most painful and time-consuming farms I've done yet, after more than 10 years of playing.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rezark View Post
    Lol minor. When an 860 arcano still out sims 935 trinkets in ST it isnt "minor"
    Except that 940+ trinkets are a lot easier to obtain these days.

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    When an outdated tier and trinket over dps the current ones , you know that something is really wrong with the item design team.
    its funny that they dont even show desire of fixing their mistakes .

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    Well, that happend to me just now.
    I'm willing to share.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Franeck View Post

    Well, that happend to me just now.
    I'm willing to share.
    This happened to me in a dream, then I woke up and was sad

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    I gave up trying to farm for it. Stopped doing invasion points, stopped doing any wq that gave the VA. When I reached enough from just doing whatever I would buy a trinket for gold.

    Then...I got a 925 ilvl arcano......
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