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    i played it with my family all the time. was never even the slightest issue. in fact, the argument was always who got to be indians, because we had toy bow and arrows that actually shot, where as the toy gun didnt actually shoot. LOL

    i dont think anyone ever actually won either, we played until bored of it
    All I'm getting out of this is "Kids play whatever is fun to them" Political Correctness be damned!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Puupi View Post
    We played "hide and seek", "cops and robbers", "who is afraid of a black man?" and "ten sticks on a plank".
    That's racist.

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    The Dreadfort, or Korriban. You never know.
    Growing up on camp Pendleton means me and pretty much every kid there did.
    Quote Originally Posted by WoWKnight65 View Post
    That's same excuse from you and so many others on this website and your right some of threads do bully high elf fans to a point where they might end up losing their minds to a point of a mass shooting.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hubcap View Post
    That's racist.
    Kind of. But that's what we played.

    Originally the black man doesn't refer to a black man by race, but rather some religious thingy from the past.

    Did some google magic and apparently German kids play it, too.
    Quote Originally Posted by derpkitteh View Post
    i've said i'd like to have one of those bad dragon dildos shaped like a horse, because the shape is nicer than human.
    Quote Originally Posted by Hammerfest View Post
    I prefer "enclosed creationist" but yeah, I'm a flat earther.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mad_Murdock View Post
    Back when we played it it was pretty much the same. Get on your stick and chase\run from the other person on their stick. Of course, you got the usual, "You were too far away to hit me with an Arrow" or "Arrows are slow, so I dodged it" kids.

    Though I guess it could be offensive today to any passer by if you played the uh.. "indigenous people" and made the "woo woo woo" sound
    Ever find it weird that if you are White and want to dress up like any other Culture it is "insensitive" or "racist" but if any other Culture dresses up as a White dude it's fine?

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    We did it, we also had medieval battles. Some kids from another neighborhood put a lot of effort into building big ass huts. We put more effort into building hidden huts and weapons. My grandfather taught me how to build bows at a young age and so I made a lot for me and some friends (not a lot of draw weight) and we used them to shoot at other kids (which was pretty stupid looking back) they would retaliate and attack us with sticks/spears. Sometimes we send half our group to draw them out of their huts and after they left those behind the other half went in to wreck it.

    Sometimes during hot summers both neighborhoods would join forces and wage epic war on a more distant neighborhood with water-guns and balloons.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Oakshana View Post
    Hold up. I never said Kids see it that way. Kids are pretty innocent. They only take in what they are fed. And for years and years, the idea has been generally accepted that it's cowboys versus the indians. While kids are only going to see it one side versus the other, the connotation is still there and it's still insensitive.

    And yeah, I think my field worker comparison is fairly equitable.

    I'm not PC. At all. I say things that go against the grain all the time. And I think we get WAAAAAY too sensitive over the smallest of topics. But I stand by the idea that whether you like it or not, "cowboys and indians" is insensitive, because it is. White man came in, effectively stole US land from the native Americans and then proceeded to shit all over them.

    And you're telling me that suggesting it would come across to a native american as anything less than insensitive to an entire race of people who have been fucked over in the name of patriotism and saying it's equitable to "cops versus robbers" just brands you a complete fucking nimrod.

    I'm sorry you didn't like my slave owner analogy. Would "Hey let's play Nazis and Jews!" been a better one? Because it's not all that dissimilar to what was done to the native Americans. We just shot them and took their lands instead of sending them to the gas chamber and concentration camps.

    I'm sorry you're so fucking triggered over the idea that it MIGHT be insensitive.
    I get you played it... I played it... LOTS of people did. And none of us saw it for what it was at the time. You're an adult now and should be able tp distinguish WHY it might come off that way now.
    Once again you made it Race based. Maybe go grab a Juice box and draw with some Crayons for a while. You seem entirely too worked up over something as placid as Cowboys and Indians being insensitive. Also, hilarious that you say I'm the triggered one in this scenario when my stance is literally "who cares" and yours is "OMFG INSENSTIVE RACES NAZIS JEWS!!!" You clown.

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    Making sure High Elves remain locked in the salt mines of Quel'thalas.
    Nah, growing up in a rough area meant any school yard games quickly descended into violent gang wars over which pokemon game was better.

    Better to stay out of the first aid room.
    Blood Elves are basically High Elves. Slightly different eye color and backstory, but if you want to be a light skinned elf, that is basically a Blood Elf. Giving that to the Alliance would blur the line between factions.
    -Ion Hazzikostas: Game Director for World of Warcraft
    Quote Originally Posted by Kaira View Post
    You know what... fine you win Blood elves are high elves im fucking fed up of the bullshit of this shitty forum take your win.

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