Hey guys,

So I'm looking to add some stream art to my, well, stream lol. I had some nice stuff before my CPU died and I had to build a new rig. I couldn't seem to extract it from my old HD. It was probably time for an update anyways.

What I'd be looking for is a Sick chat cover/ logo and some button art. Maybe a bigger piece to display when I'm offline.

A bit about me. I'm 31 and I stream pretty regularly at least 3-4 times a week. Still a bit shy of affiliate but oh well. I MAINLY play a moonkin though I do delve into shaman and spriest. But I think I'd like the general theme to be badass and moonkin-y and druid-y as most of my followers know me as a druid.

Any help that anyone would be willing to give would be awesome! PM me here or add my btag at Girthmonster#1724 . If you want to get a feel for my stream to get some ideas about me or what I'd like on my stream, I will be streaming from now until very late into the night. Find me at www.twitch.tv/Girthmonster

Thanks in advance to anyone who helps out!!!!!