Connected Realm: Deathwing / Executus / Shattered Halls / Kalecgos
<Hi Five> 2/11M
Tuesday -- 7 PM - 10 PM (PST)
Sunday -- 5 PM - 9 PM (PST)

Hi Five is a guild that has been around since Cataclysm in many different forms. A hardcore raiding guild back in the day, now a semi-casual mythic progression guild. Needless to say our guild is comprised of former hard core raiders who still like to make time in the week for serious progression. We are a mature group of individuals who enjoy playing games together and pride ourselves on personal performance and teamwork. We consider ourselves tight-knit, meaning we know each other well, we socialize outside of raid, we get drunk on Skype on the weekends, we would hang out with each other regularly if the distance between us was not so far. Part of what makes this game so enjoyable for us is being able to raid with people who are fun to be around!

Our Goal
Semi-casual is a term that can be taken many different ways. For me it means we raid two days a week for seven hours, yet the tone of our raid is similar to a 'hardcore' performance mentality, meaning we take the game seriously. Our goal is to push as far into the content as we can given our limited schedule.

Raid Environment
Our raid environment is casual and light during farm and trash. Everyone should look forward to raid nights, so we try to provide a humorous and engaging raid. On bosses we expect the shenanigans to be quelled and focus to be high.

It's very important that you mesh well with our guild. Be forewarned we neglect most political correctness and have crude conversations. Definitely not for the feint of heart. We exceed at banter and don't shy away from taking the piss out of each other. Everything is in good fun. Deliberately rude or offensive behavior not in jest is not tolerated.

We use Discord for everything we do in-game. All announcements, logs, resources, shenanigans are posted in Discord.

We provide (2) cauldrons per raid night for our raiders, main stat feasts on farm and close kill progression bosses, talent changing tomes before every new boss, and of course guild repairs.

Loot is handled by officer council. We determine loot by attendance, performance, loot received and size of upgrade. We keep personal attachments out of loot council and determine upgrades using the available class information we have. We like to think of loot simply as a tool, a means to an end. Loot drama is not tolerated, any loot concerns can be directed towards our loot council and we will happily provide you with reasoning as to why loot was distributed the way it was.

Expectations of Applicants
As stated previously we take raiding seriously. We have a healthy competitive attitude in our raid to perform as well as we possibly can. To define what we mean by this:

  1. We expect excellent attendance as we only raid two days a week. Frequently missing a raid day is very disruptive to our progress. If you have to miss a raid, please let the guild know in the Discord!
  2. We expect a good attitude. We all want to have a good time, so come to raid with that in mind. Always want to be here!
  3. We expect full and fluid class knowledge. Meaning you know how to use every single ability in your spell book properly. All of your routine abilities are bound and you move your character effectively (Keyboard turners beware!) We expect every raider to be informed on inner class workings and changes from reputable class resources.
  4. Play to the best of your ability. Always pre-pot before a boss pull and always second pot with lust/cooldowns. Always have the best enchants and gems in all sets of gear.
  5. Be self-critical. Always work to improve your play. We expect every raider to be familiar with the following resources:
    • WarcraftLogs: Always check this after a raid. Look at your performance compared to individuals of your spec and ilvl. Look for mistakes your making and have a game plan to handle them next time. Parsing is not the be-all-end-all of our performance expectations but it's important that you are improving week to week. Grey parses are simply unacceptable barring early deaths on a boss. We want all of our DPS to be performing within or greater than the 75th percentile for their class for any given fight.
    • Simulationcraft / Raidbots: Always be simming yourself.
  6. Come to raid with the following addons:
    • RCLootCouncil (How we distribute loot)
    • AngryAssignments (How we handle detailed boss assignments)
    • WeakAuras2 (invaluable for boss mechanics)


Our current class needs are as follows:

Hunter / Mage / Shadow Priest / Boomkin

But of course any skilled players are welcome to chat!

My contact info:

B-net: BenBruser#1755
Discord: Rhaeti#7804

Or post here in this thread!

Thank you for your time