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    Quote Originally Posted by Shimmyan View Post
    Well technicaly you still died a lot more back then, I remember being quite cautious whenever I was pulling more than 2 or 3 mobs. So yeah all in all it was longer due to the xp scaling, but you felt rewarded for the grind each time you "dinged".
    Compare this to the tedious "oneshot every single mob from the very start" we have now and it becomes the most boring game after 10 mins of gameplay.

    Anyway, I don't think the changes they made will make it more difficult or longer, it's just more linear in the sense that now you can actually complete a whole zone, and get a bit more immersion which isn't a bad thing.
    Oh I'm not saying Vanilla levelling wasn't harder, simply that quite some folks go ''long = hard'' which is just not true. A long Mario level isn't difficult, it simply takes more time.
    I do miss the harder mobs, just one-shotting stuff is boring. The fact that I'll be able to actually finish a zone now without wasting time due to low XP near the end is fun however

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    Quote Originally Posted by Blamblam41 View Post
    That's what I've been asking this entire time. People seem convinced that it taking longer means they will get satisfaction and fullfillment off of it, I think these people are either CM's posing as MMOC forum goers or people forever trapped in a Skinner's Box scenario of endless dopamine release by relation of the leveling up sound..
    I myself am waiting to level my next character because I've always prefered questing through zones over the disjoint experience we have nowdays (both questing and dungeon leveling). Currently you finish a zone level-wise from red to gray in what, a third of the available quests most of the time. You one-shot mobs almost all the way if you're wearing heirlooms, and not far from it if even if you're wearing quest greens and blues. I'm relishing the fact that it's going to take at least a few spells/attacks to kill monsters and that we'll be able to stay in a zone until it's finished the majority of the time. If that's still difficult to understand you must have a very narrow-minded view of pretty much everything.

    The fact that it might take a bit longer doesn't really make a difference, if all you care about is time you should just work a weekend extra and boost to 100. It saves you more time /played vs /worked even on minimum wage.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bythelight View Post
    I've played Vanilla and I've been 11/11 on HC since the very first week of Antorus

    Sorry to burst your bubble but Vanilla leveling was hardly Dark Souls, it was a grindfest nothing else, leveling is fine as it is on retailt now pre 7.5, leveling is not amusing to anyone who isn't discovering the game anyway, people who feel bothered by easily killing mobs at low level are just immensely delusional about how mmorpgs have evolved.
    Hahaha, this is f***ing hilarious. As if anything, even Mythic, in this game is anywhere near the difficulty of Dark Souls. Legion is literally nothing more but a boring excercise in mindnumbing futility. You're right about Vanilla though, it wasn't hard, but atleast it gave a sense of accomplishment, opposed to borefest Legion.

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    how can you make leveling hard without making it long?

    In vanilla, if you pull 2 mobs you die. Thus wasting another 15m running back to corpse.

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    Well now you're gonna get it long and hard
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    Quote Originally Posted by xenogear3 View Post
    Just like LFR killed the raid "satisfaction", $60 instant level killed leveling.

    There is no "satisfaction" if you can pay real money instead.
    Yes that's kind of true. If you can pay for it , it removes the achievement feeling. I think they should retire the leveling boost , its in a sense a pay to win feature. (the angry mob will probably crucify me for this sentence )

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    One trick could be to do a mix of Suramar style progression and TBC attunement gating rather than typical leveling restrictions. Access new content/ world space by rep grinding and completing certain objectives (like dungeon attunements). Personally, I quite liked having Arcway and CoS locked off until you were a high enough reputation as it gave you a clear objective. It wasn't alt friendly but then most of Legion was geared towards focusing on 1 or 2 characters to be optimal for the average player. Leveling still has a place though, but I feel they need to add new incentives to the process for BfA e.g. lvl 120 talents and new 110 - 120 abilities, even if they are gimmicks rather than gameplay changes. Alternatively, maybe players just like leveling.

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    Quote Originally Posted by DarkAmbient View Post
    I've lost count of the times I've gone through the leveling areas since I started playing over 10 years ago. At this point I really don't appreciate the leveling time being drawn out any further.
    Then perhaps don't level again and enjoy the max level toons you have built up?

    Simple right?

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    i think wow levling should be abit longer because end game there is usually not tha much stuff to do

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    leveled a priest to 30, will wait to level it tuesday with the new system, but I honestly don't hope for anything better. Maybe I should get it to 58

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    How can the leveling be harder AND not take longer? XDDDDD

    Whats the idea here, make the mobs die in one hit but they do a lot of damage?
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    Considering I have all classes except Priest which im saving for my Velf, i dont care at least for at the moment. It will make leveling the 4 allied races more enjoyable.
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    Quote Originally Posted by monopoly man View Post
    Long = hard if you believe some people... mostly classic/TBC players :3
    Its funny you wouldnt even finish a hc dungeon in tbc
    Quote Originally Posted by Tennisace View Post
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    Quote Originally Posted by Shibito View Post
    Its funny you wouldnt even finish a hc dungeon in tbc
    Crazy. Great game design. Like making a 500 mile straight road and then saying ''oh not a lot of people get to the end, so it must be hard''

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    Quote Originally Posted by gushDH View Post
    I like how people say that it takes double the time to level up. Did you even try it? It's not nearly double the time. And instead of spending all your time flying around outleveling zones in 3 quests, you actually play the game.
    Pssssst..... With scaling you could now do that, the EXP increase wasn't needed as well.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shibito View Post
    Its funny you wouldnt even finish a hc dungeon in tbc
    Considering in Mid-TBC we ran heroics with no healer and a Pally Tank using a 2H weapon, you over-exaggerate how hard Heroics in TBC were.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shnider View Post
    how can you make leveling hard without making it long?

    In vanilla, if you pull 2 mobs you die. Thus wasting another 15m running back to corpse.
    If you were bad. Sure.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TehTemplar View Post
    11/11HC since first week? It's been puggable since first week, is this supposed to impress?
    Yes since Vanilla babies can't fucking kill a single boss on HC, see their GOD Alexensual and his 10+years old account with 0 PVP XP and no good PVE achiev

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    Quote Originally Posted by serendipity11 View Post
    5-10% increased time to level to max isn't that big of a deal. Relax people.
    Is that 5-10% longer in the novel experience on the PTR vs a longstanding method on live where all the shortcuts and time-sinks to avoid have been discovered and shared years ago? Sounds to me that net leveling duration will turn out to be the same if not even shortened.

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    Quote Originally Posted by thunterman View Post
    I've done some testing, if anything I levelled faster.


    I don't know how long 1-110 is going to take, as I've not done it, but I'm gonna guesstimate it to be considerably less than it is now.
    Finally someone that has actually put in some work instead of just spouting nonsense. Thank you for the effort and insights!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Dergiab View Post
    Then perhaps don't level again and enjoy the max level toons you have built up?

    Simple right?
    Simple is one way of putting it. What if I want to play on a new server, or continue leveling low level characters I've got scattered around? Making it longer to level a character is of no benefit to anyone, particularly veteran players.

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    I don't think the intention is to make it "longer". Can you reference what you've read (official commentary, not forum noise) that makes you think otherwise?

    The high level number is an objective problem for lots of reasons, but not necessarily because of the length of time it takes to level. I'm curious to find out why you think that's a goal.

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    Don't say 'we' ... I want leveling to be completely removed!

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