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    Since Cata forward you could see countless threads about leveling being too fast. There were some that wanted it to be harder, but the majority wanted it to take longer so that you didn't out level a zone before the story was over.
    Citation needed.

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    Quote Originally Posted by sam86 View Post
    seems u weren't used to lvl,
    I've probably got ~20 or so characters of various levels between 90-110 across vanilla to Legion(this means I've capped characters across the various expansions). I've leveled plenty, if not super crackhead levels of maintaining 40+ capped toons constantly. Regardless, what I've personally done or not done is irrelevant, since we're discussing the current process in regards to the more recent years of leveling. And I have plenty of experience with the subject in order to make a reasonable argument.

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    ob killing xp was never what give u xp to lvl in first place, even if it was increased 500%, 500% of zero is zero, the main way u lvl ur character since ever (beside the last few lvls way back in vanilla wow, and even that was very unefficeint but only option) was quests xp, or finish dungeon xp in LFG tool
    Over-exaggeration doesn't help your argument. You DO kill quite a few monsters over the course of leveling. How many quests are actually "Kill X" enemies? It's simply one more thing to add into the bigger picture of how the new system is more balanced than a lot of people seem to think. Saying that increasing the experience of kills is equal to zero is just being dishonest.

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    2) since u can always get quest at ur lvl range if u don't care about 'finish zone quest' again this point is useless because there is always quest for ur lvl to give u xp u want, if u want to lvl by questing
    The point about this, that you seem to have missed, is that quests under the new system ALWAYS maintain their relevance and reward, regardless of what level you end up being. You don't have to worry about going out into a zone and starting quests, outleveling them, and having them be worth less by the time you get around to turning them in. A good quest leveler will be able to be EXTREMELY efficient under the new system, whereas under the old system you would waste a lot of time and exp as levels came too quickly.

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    3) traveling is only important until u get flying, then 'stay in same zone' is meaningless if ur focus was just to lvl, not to mention that even as dps dungeon queues - specially in the time between 8 pm and 1 am - is near instant, in fact all u have to do is 'try' do daily cooking/fishing quest and u may not even do them while spam dungeons
    So your argument is that you're fine as long as you play during a short 5 hour window? Under the new system a player can play however they want. Even if the travel time was identical, allowing players to choose whether to travel or not is still an improvement. But really, this is the same point as above: A person can VERY efficiently stay in the same zone and cut down on travel time significantly, since they don't have to drop everything they're doing, periodically, and move to a new zone in order to stay efficient.

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    4) outside pandalands fly was always available as soon u hit a zone, and pandalands sucks, the best thing that came out from the whole 'scaling' was that u can now skip it and just lvl in cata zones, something i actually did instead of go to china
    Available, yes. But you'd have to stop what you're doing and get to the capital and train it. Now it's just there, always on. No need to stop what you're doing. Again, this is a little thing, but if you had actually been trying to understand the point you'd realize that all of these little things add up. You even mention another important factor: Being able to choose which expansion to level in, based on what you're more familiar with. This is going to, once again, help you keep your leveling speed up instead of getting bogged down in areas that you hate.

    Quote Originally Posted by sam86 View Post
    so in overall what u are stating u really have no experience in lvling before, because half of what u saying was not a problem in first place, and if u liked pandalands there was even lower problem, unless u were one of the ppl who like to log at 4 am to lvl and qq that no one around to help u or something
    I'm not even going to respond to this. Instead of making an actual point, you once again went ad hominem.
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    Quote Originally Posted by SirCowdog View Post
    way too much talk
    1) too long answer to just say that u 'do' lvl, still disagree with it but it is really off topic
    2) not exaggerating, can u show me any lvling guide that says killing mobs give xp instead of doing quests? the only time i remember aoe farming was a thing was with frost mage with murlocs in dustwallow march and western plagueland zombie farms, and that was dead since ages, if u lvl by killing mobs xp u probably only one to do that since 2007 (not sure when did aoe farming die, but i assume with TBC introduce, or maybe silithus 'revamp' in 1.7?)
    3) extremely efficient to what? I literally told u what guides tel u of fastest way to lvl, which was spam dungeons, scaling would be more 'fun' option and maybe better if they didn't nerf it to 60% at some lvls, and buff mobs hp to 341% in some zones, they seriously fucked up as they admitted on their own twitter so why u try defend what they said was wrong?
    4) because that what a normal human play actually, most ppl play wow between 7 to 1am, it is because ppl like u who want to log at 4:00 am and be able to go to dungeon that we got LFG then LFR and XRzones that killed wow community forever, if u want to play at 4 am why ruin the game for majority for the extremely few minority who play at odd times?
    5)saving less than 5 min of hearth learn fly and return is meaningless, specially since - at least back then - u had to hearth anyway at 'new flying lvl' because u also usually switch zone, and remember the game is now 14 years old, back at WoD over 80% of wow players who log on mmo-champ voted they have 4+ chars at lvl 100, most ppl lvled way too much to want it to be even slower, they did it at least 4 times and they don't want a slower 5th time
    6) why ? I did say that most ur points were not a problem in first place, what were ur problems ? want relevant quests ? u can always find relevant quests, u just had to move a little, now instead of moving, u get 60% xp increased, no matter how 'sacling' quests are with 60% xp increased the old system is faster, if u hate a zone, u outlvl it in few hours, now if u hate a zone u avoid it but u'll stay in ur 'loved' zone 60% more longer (or until next week patch hit, 341% longer in some zones even)

    The most important point, they didn't make lvling any better, they just made it take longer, mobs are nowhere near the old actual danger lvl of old times, u are nowhere at threat of dying, there is no elite mobs around dungeons, no elite gong quest mobs, u don't need to team up with anyone (except maybe that yeti quest in Hillsbrad?), u don't need to 'max' ur class and learn how to use every ability possible, there is still no risk of downtime, no need to buy water, they didn't buff mobs dmg or increased their skills, they only flat out increased hp by ridiculous numbers and say they 'improved' it, it isn't like before, every single class can heal in combat now one way or another for example
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    Zone story? What story? how many bores need to be killed and how many broken teeth have to be collected? Please, for variety's sake, allow us to choose between different zones so can level different alts in different zones. Repetition leads to boredom, boredom leads to people quitting. And no, a boost isn't going to make you wanna quit less. A boost is cheating, and cheating doesn't feel good, we play to have fun after all, but we don't wanna be tortured and bored to death with this new scaling system even more than before.

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