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    Mixing DDR4 with different CAS latency/timing?


    I'm hoping to mix two sets of RAM with completely identical specs aside from CAS latency/timing. Voltage, speed, size are all the same. 2x4GB, 2400, 1.2v.

    The set I have has 16-16-16-36 and the set I'm hoping to add has 15-15-15-35. My Mobo is MSI B350M Bazooka.


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    I am unsure if this is an issue (not something ive had to personally deal with or research), but at worst you could set the 15-15-15-35 set to the higher latency 16-16-16-36 settings without issue, id think.

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    iirc they will run at the lowest settings, but it might not work at all, I have had the issue where I had 2 different sets of ram, same brand, same model, just a newer version, and the old ones would not work in the new computer while the new ones worked withour problem.

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    They might run together, but it will be at the lowest setting compatible between the two. It may be possible to overclock the 16 or underclock the 15 individually, but it is practically always going to be better to have identical speeds.

    It's also entirely possible they won't work together at all, memory can be pretty finicky sometimes.
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    It’s never really a good idea to mix ram let alone ones with different specs. Even two identical sets with 100% same specs may not play nice together or not work at all.

    It’s always advised to buy memory in matched sets for the best compatibility. IE buy one set of 32GB (4x8GB) instead of two 16GB 2x8GB) sets. You might get away with it but it can most definitely matter.
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