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    Questions about content in Wow

    Hello, i'm new and i'm trying to determine if i should play wow or ffxiv, so i have few questions for you :

    1) What are you doing when you are not raiding or doing some high level content
    2) How often there is new content that you can repeat without getting bored with 1 or 2 repeats ?
    3) How often there they add some innovation or new mechanics in the game ? Is this more in patch or new expansions ? And what kind of innovation is it ?
    4) How many time are you playing every days ? and how much time is necessary to to keep the rhythm of the game (new patchs, dungeon, raid,...) ?
    5) How often they add some new major patch (like 4.2 in ffxiv or 7.3/7.3.5 in wow) ?

    Thanks for your time, i'm sorry if there is some spelling errors, english is not my main language and i'm still learning. Have a good day.

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    1) you don't really have time doing something Else Ingame if you gonna do high level end content. So to keep up your max level - you have to do all the boring and repetitive stuff, alot of grind in the start atleast. When you have done that, you Will be too exhausted to do fun stuff.

    2) and 3) they are adding New greater patches every 77 days. New raids, dungeons, questlines, improvements and sometimes new innovations no other mmos have had before. But they are ofc adding fixes and balance to the game every week too.

    4) I am playing maybe 4 hours a Day. And necessary is 2-4 hours. I have to log out after 4h, either becuz of exhaustion/tiring or to go do something which is actually fun instead.

    5) still same as 2) and 3).

    If you Wanna play this game without getting tired of It. Don't exhaust yourself about the high lv content. But if you like to be exhausted in a game, grind and gear your max level up and raid mythic/heroic and then level a alt and do it all over again..

    You are welcome and good luck!
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    1: Honestly, it depends on the day. Most of the time, I'm playing on alts or mount/transmog farming when I'm not working on high end stuff. I also occasionally pet battle and do mage towers.

    2: This expansion, there has been new content roughly every 2.5 months, though I don't know if they'll be able to keep up that pace next expansion.

    3: New innovations tend to happen either with an expansion launch or the pre-patch to an expansion. They don't really change the game that much mid expansion.

    4: Personally, I'm playing about 5-8 hours a day simply because I have the time to do so right now. That's not really needed for most people depending on what you really want to do. Gearing up and getting AP is so ridiculously easy these days, you could be raiding the latest raid tier within a couple days of hitting max level now. A friend of mine went from 840-930 in 2 days this week. You can get to 63 artifact traits just by doing the Argus questline and hit 75 traits in relatively short time depending on the content you do.

    5: Again, this depends on the expansion. They've done a much better job getting patches out this time then they have done in the past. Roughly every 2.5 months for Legion.

    Good luck making your decision. I played FFXIV and enjoyed it as well, so I think you'd have fun with either game. If I didn't have to pay a sub for FFXIV, I'd probably be playing both games today.

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    "Help me choose" type threads generally don't prompt constructive discussions. Please check online resources or consult with game-specific forums for further information. Closing this.
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