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    Quote Originally Posted by Ac3v3n7uRa View Post
    I posted this on the official forums over a year ago and was met with a handful of mixed opinions before the thread quickly fizzled out. It's unlikely that anyone at Blizzard even saw it (even though they say that they monitor the forums and read everything), but I don't know if it's appropriate to necro that old thread or create a new one.
    New one, necros are frowned upon. Link it here if you do!

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    I wouldnt mind a way to reach the last part easier,let me explain a bit what i mean, SoO is a HUUUGE raid,i wouldnt mind if i had to kill all bosses but the area got smaller :/

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    I posted the idea in the raids and dungeons official forum.

    Please post your support

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    They should remove all the RP in Dragon Soul as well.

    Elisande's minute long speech before you can attack her is already grating. It takes less than a minute to burn her until she rewinds time on MYTHIC these days. At least Gul'dan has no long speech on mythic, but you still have to sit through it to farm the heroic mount.

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    They should just add a new quest that requires 4 Klaxxi kills so you can skip from start to klaxxi.
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    Quote Originally Posted by unholytestament View Post
    The people who cry for censorship aren't going to be buying the game anyway. Censoring it, is going to piss off the people who were going to buy it.
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    if anything you will get the opposite. every other raid will need to be cleared from beginning to end every week. so if i you ask me.. dont ask blizzard about this.

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