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    Facebook is for normies.

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    Not only can you block ALL game invites/notifications but you can block invites/notifications for specific games and/or friends too. Anyone who sent me a game invite has been blocked from sending them to me ages ago.

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    No, I'm over 30 so my friends and I have other shit going on...

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    Quote Originally Posted by StayTuned View Post
    I don't know anyone who's still using it. It became a place full of food pictures and stupid game invites.

    My profile is just a dead space, untouched for 2 years now
    Not for me. I am not getting game invites but I see what friendly contacts are up to.
    What I do dislike is that I have people that I have met and spend time with and all they do are sharing selfies from bars or with their girlfriends/boyfriends. Not sure why I should care for either and not sure why the rest of the 'world' needs to see it.
    "In the land of the blind, the one-eyed man loses his nerves"

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    Quote Originally Posted by StayTuned View Post
    Who is still on Facebook lol
    Us old people! It's how they are coordinating our 30 year class reunion.

    On topic. I disabled pretty much all notifications, though I don't use it on my phone, which I guess is the notifications you are referring to.

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