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    Question Does haste reduce our GCD?

    I'm trying to find ways to reduce my GCD so I can spam demons bite faster so I can generate fury faster. Does anyone know if haste reduces are GCD at all. I know for some classes it does but im not sure about my havoc DH.

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    seems there are all ready posts about this please try to do some google sreaches

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    Haste is not really the route to go anyway. Getting highest possible crit is, more chance for fury to be refunded on Chaos Strike, more chaos strike gets more chance for souls to proc, less time spent hitting demon's bite at all.

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    Yes. If you look at your GCD on Demonic windows (with tier) you'll notice it's 0.75s (or close to)

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    Proc T21 4pc, proc sephuz and see for yourself: Yep :P
    set is crap

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