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    Lightbulb Ideas for 4th specs for each class(please do 4th for each class before 5th druid spec

    Disclaimer: we're merely coming up with ideas for a 4th spec for each class, does not mean there will be

    Warrior:Berserker; damage spec revolves around throwing your weapons/ shield at enemies, will have a passive that has you character throw weapons when target is out of range, will be able to duel wield 2 handed weapons, suggested weapons: spears, 2-handed axes

    Warlock: Corruption; tank spec, playstyle turns the player into a mini raid boss, with AoE drains, fel lightning, will have shapeshift that allows player to turn into a demon(a lore reason behind this could be that the warlock absorbed some of sargeras' corruption) male form would have a beast-like Sha kind of look, while female form would resemble a sha covered elf or human, each with differences and armor resembling race of warlock, corrupted breath/beam(channeled), and Devil's Mark(DoT effect curse) suggested weapons: fist weapon/swords/staves

    Paladin: Knight; mobile tanking spec, would focus on sweeping, and charging strikes, from atop your class mount, would have a passive similar to a baby Titan
    s grip, would allow you to wield a 2 hander in one hand, and a 1handed or shield in the other, but not duel 2handers(thought this would fit the paladin better than the Warrior)

    Shaman: Earth warden; tank spec, would focus on AoE tremors and knockbacks, duel wielding spec

    Rogue: Strategist/Gambler; damage spec, focused around tactical strikes , and taking strategic risks, would focus evenly on ranged and melee combat

    Monk: Hopebringer; ranged damage casting spec centered around survival

    Druid: already have one

    Demon Hunter: I have no idea

    Mage: Conjuring; damage spec, focused on summoning arcane constructs from atop a mount(to fill the mounted wizard niche)

    Death Knight; Flame; melee damage spec, focused around DoT effects(some of the older scourge were associated with fire), would duel wield

    Hunter: Pursuit; damage spec, focuses on pursuing prey from atop a mount, would focus on ranged abilities, and preventing prey from escaping

    Priest: Inquisitor; damage spec, focuses on DoT spells and healing

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    I think 36 specs is more than enough... focus on updating/fixing existing specs instead of making new ones IMO.

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    As said, they need to improve/fix current spec before adding another for each class.

    Also, there has been numerous threads about 4th/5th specs previously, ANOTHER isn't really needed.

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    Death Knight: Reaper - Healing/Spell DPS spec that focuses on damaging and draining the souls of enemies to heal and bolster allies
    Demon Hunter: Chaos - Ranged DPS spec that uses demonically-enhanced projectiles and AoE damage
    Druid: None, they already have 4 specs
    Hunter: Pathfinder - Buff/Healing spec that uses their knowledge of nature to heal with elixirs and salves
    Mage: Temporal - Healing spec that alters time to shield and reverse damage
    Monk: Ronin - DPS spec that becomes one with their weapon(s) to both deal and redirect damage
    Paladin: Cleric - Buff/Ranged DPS that calls on spirits of fallen heroes to heal and aid in battle
    Priest: Inquisitor - Melee DPS that inflicts DoT with searing light
    Rogue: Bard - Healing/Ranged DPS that uses luck and song to heal and inspire
    Shaman: Avatar - Tank spec that uses the elements to absorb and reflect damage
    Warlock: Hellblade - Melee spec that imbues weapons with dark power and uses demonic trickery to avoid damage
    Warrior: Strategist - Buff spec that increases ally effectiveness with advanced tactics

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    Death Knight: Dark Lord - Ranged dps spec. Kinda the 1st generation DKs like Gorefiend who were Warlocks.
    Demon Hunter: Envengalist - A Holy ranged dps form. What Xe'ra envisioned Illidan to be in the Illidan novel.
    Rogue: Ninja - Ranged dps with Shurikens as weapons.
    Warlock: Hulk - Basically a melee/tank Warlock, kinda like final phase Gul'dan with dem muscles :P

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    New classes are better than 4th specs, basically you’re asking for 3 or 4 new classes anyway.

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    I would love to see more diversity in WoW. Before adding anymore diversity I'd like to see the current options balanced out some.

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    always wanted a gladiator/berserker spec for warrior

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    Only one that's really needed is a shaman tank spec.

    A necromancer class would be great. But a warlock spec that specializes in summoning, controlling, and utilizing the undead would be great. Yeah, the unholy DK kind of already does, but it's a plate-wearing melee class. Not really the classic fantasy of a necromancer.

    A rogue spec that specializes in ranged attacks would be neat.

    There's only four roles. Only dps is universal. Most pure dps classes stick with melee or ranged. The only real additional specs I'd like to see is more heals, more tanks, and more split dps spec.
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    I would love to see a ranged mana DPS spec for Monk, like a Street Fighter/Dragon Ball energy beam spec.

    I would also really like a sword and shield DPS spec for Warrior, gladiator was cool.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Soisoisoi View Post
    As said, they need to improve/fix current spec before adding another for each class.

    Also, there has been numerous threads about 4th/5th specs previously, ANOTHER isn't really needed.
    Sorry, didn't have the time to look for any

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    Inquisitor Paladin:
    - Focuses around Fire and Holy damage, purges evil out of the enemy by torture.

    Blood Mage:
    - Drains and redirects life from enemies to share it with allies.

    Necromancy Death Knight:
    - Mainly raises skeletal mages, skeletons, and uses scythes (Look at D3 Necromancer).

    Void Hunter:
    - Commands the void, can become untethered from their physical location to lash out at foes within melee range (kinda like sylvanas in bfa trailer).

    Confession Priest:
    - Converts enemies by confession and make them do her bidding, mainly a ranged and pet spec (holy damage).


    Besides those I don't think anything else should be added, these somewhat make sense with the evolution of the game.

    A ranged monk, DH would be nice but I'm not sure what.
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    Hmmmm the only thing I can think of would be..
    A ranged spec for monks - I want to throw my chi in ppls faces!
    Priest - I have always wanted to have a dps spec that revolved around holy spells. An actual smite spec.

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    They can't balance the game as is, what makes you think a 4th spec would be a good idea ?

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    A demonic Warlock spec where you can infuse yourself with demonic power resulting in a transformation and new abilities.

    RIP Old demonology.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glowpipe View Post
    They can't balance the game as is, what makes you think a 4th spec would be a good idea ?
    No one said it would be a good idea. Let the people have their speculative fun Mr party pooper.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Davryn View Post
    I think 36 specs is more than enough... focus on updating/fixing existing specs instead of making new ones IMO.


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    Blizzard missed the chance to make SV hunter the first mail tank.
    Like riding your bear into combat. That would have been super cool. But seems like they are out of ideas and simply made another melee.. :-(

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    Warrior - Gladiator, sword and board dps like in WoD.
    DK - Fire, to mirror Bolvar.
    Shaman - Earthward, using Earth and Life to tank.
    DH - 2h weapon spec akin to Sephiroth for Maximum Edge™.
    Druid - Brutality, a scorpion spec to give them a STR dps to utilize all stats and dps types.

    Also Avenging Crusader/Fistweawing pvp talents as 'normal' talents for holy pal/mistweaver and skeletal glyphs for Demonology, as well as Lone Wolf for Unholy and ranged survival-esque talents for Marksman changing core playstyle.

    Of course that's IF they can balance base 36 specs, which they can't atm.

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    I would focus on giving classes that have no support (tank/healer) role one.

    Warlock, mage, rogue, hunter.. anything that adds more tanks/healers to the current queue for things is great.

    as for warrior dps I see people talking about gladiator, one of the things I'm most butthurt about in over 12 years of wow is the removal of gladiator warrior from wod.. it was tons of fun! sword and board dps! loved it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by dirk123 View Post
    Rogue: Ninja - Ranged dps with Shurikens as weapons.
    Just give outlaw a glyph that changes your gun into throwing shurikens and i'll be happy.

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