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    Death Knight: Necromancer.
    Demon Hunter: Willbreaker, a control/command type spec that uses scythes, like the chick in Azsuna
    Druid: none
    Hunter: Dark Ranger/Void
    Mage: Blood mage
    Monk: Ranged caster dps
    Paladin: a support spec that buffs other players' damage, damage resistance and healing
    Priest: pure dps spec that does Holy damage
    Rogue: ranged throwing knives/shuriken spec
    Shaman: 1H/shield tank spec
    Warlock: tank spec, of course
    Warrior: dedicated gladiator spec, spear + shield
    I'm not a defender of Blizzard, I'm an opponent of stupid.

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    Quote Originally Posted by glowpipe View Post
    They can't balance the game as is, what makes you think a 4th spec would be a good idea ?
    This sentiment is repeated ad nauseam throughout this, and other similarly purposed threads, despite a highly documented series of numerical parses and simulations that suggests it couldn't be further from the truth -- the notion that the game isn't balanced, numerically, right now is one of those "alternative facts".

    If the discussion shifts away from numerical balance and towards thematic appropriateness, you'll find that some classes benefit from a fourth specializations (Shaman, Monk) while others become worse off for their addition (Paladin, DK, Rogue). It's my contention that if Blizzard were to ever do anything extravagant as it pertains to classes, there are only two options:

    1) The playerbase (and Blizzard) accept that some classes would benefit from gaining an additional specialization (i.e. 4 specializations), some are fine as they are (i.e. 3 specializations), while others still would benefit from being busted down a bit (i.e. 2 specializations).


    2) All of the classes are re-imagined as being comprised of only 2 specializations, with existing outlier specializations being rolled into new classes (i.e. Hunter's Marksmanship becomes Ranger's Marksmanship -- leaving Survival and Beast Mastery to more appropriately fulfill to "Hunter Fantasy").

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