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    Quote Originally Posted by Jastall View Post
    I'd agree that T21 Fury and SoO Fury are about on par, but Inner Rage was far more fun than either of them.
    SoO spam was true idd, n thats why nice (for me n so many others that played fury)

    and ye, IR was very fun but think the bottom line on that is that it should have been a base talent

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ustadbaba View Post
    I've come to enjoy the current T21/BB, maybe it's really gear dependent, I have decent gear and COF, and there are plenty of fights where I go long stretches with barely any furious slashes. And I do love how powerful execute is, I've played warrior as main since wow launch, and it feels good for execute to be so badass again. Love a fight where I am 7-8th on dps meter but come out first after execute
    i can relate, but i find this utterly unsatisfying

    i switched to rogue as i could not stand the t21 gameplay any longer.

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    If you still have your T20, make sure you sim it. It is less reliant on CoF, so your cooldowns can line up better and feels nicer while using Scourgewing or Forgefiend's and Khaz'goroth's. My T21 only sims 24k higher than my T20, while adding 3 ilvls, but in practice it works out to more DPS since mistakes in the rotation are far less punishing.

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