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    Make Glyphs Collectibles

    Buy once, use forever.
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    As a scribe, this hurts me.

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    I agree. It should be the way it used to be. Buying them each time is tedious, but I understand why they did it. Scribes need to make money.

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    Merely a Setback Gehco's Avatar
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    Nah, just make Glyphs have an actual value again. Scribes need to have an income too, after all.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gehco View Post
    Nah, just make Glyphs have an actual value again. Scribes need to have an income too, after all.
    No they dont! Go away! D^:

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    Quote Originally Posted by Micka Steelspark View Post
    No they dont! Go away! D^:
    we should have all enchants on a vendor and gems too it can work both ways, professions shouldn't be worthless :P

    but seriously i think scribe's need another thing to replace glyphs vantus runes and tombs are a nice touch but a replacement is needed for glyphs and to mote i got all proffs bar tailoring

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    That is how it used to be, and they changed it cause it made it hard to make any money as a scribe.

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    Inscription was such a mistake.
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    Or bring back major and minor glyphs So many spell customisations that I miss.

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    Brother, I do agree with you, but then Blizzard should offer different earning opportunity for our brothers and sisters who are scribes.

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