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    Its sad how utterly stupid people can be, all in the name of doing whatever fad everyone else is doing.

    And inb4 someone says 'you did dumb shit as a teen too'... no, actually, I didn't. Didn't mess with drugs, didn't drink, didn't lay down in the road, didn't put hotsauce in my eyes or anything else. I kept my nose clean, my head screwed on straight and my grades up. Maybe that made me boring, but hey... I'll take boring over 'died at 16 from eating detergent.'
    I'm not a defender of Blizzard, I'm an opponent of stupid.

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    To be honest, I think this challenge should be compulsory around the world.

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    Any teenager who actually does it. 2mins, 6seconds.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Cheese View Post

    They do not know the way.
    The funny thing there is that the knukles meme tards would be the type of people to jump on a bandwagon challenge like tide pods

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    Less idiots diluting the gene pool is always good.

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    The forbidden fruit.. the college humor skit on this was priceless.

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    Darwinism at work here, not more to see.

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    So you never had them Tide Pods? Somebody has been missing out on the greatest Halloween candy...

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    Cool tide pod challenge

    don't eat that poisonous laundry tide pods, if u eat that then u will die on the know more about tide pods go through this
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    I'm personally waiting for the comeback of bleach and chlorine crystal growing meme. 4chan needs to get on it.

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