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    Warlock main LF future raiding guild!

    Probably way too early for this, but I'd like to find a home before live release. I've been a warlock main since ~2 months after vanilla release. On my original account, I raided through AQ40 and reached the first few bosses of Naxx (couldn't progress fast enough before its removal). Also have experience on a resto druid as well, but will be maining my warlock. I was on the PVP server Illidan as alliance.

    Ideally, the guild would be serious/semi-serious about progression, and some side groups for PVP would be great as well. I'm open to horde or alliance as long as you're/we're rolling on a PVP server (may consider a PVE server, not sure). Anyway, feel free to add me to talk/BS until release/get hyped for release/recruit for a future guild/etc.

    **I currently do NOT play Legion. This may or may not change in the near future, but I haven't made up my mind really.**


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    i am also looking for a guild on classic when it comes out. will play horde or alliance as a warrior. (prefer dps but will off tank).
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    I was on Illidan alliance in late Vanilla through BC, what guild were you in? Might’ve seen you around

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    What's your gearscore? 700 and above only...

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    Hey, i want to find a Hardcore Guild that is both doing PvE & PvP.

    I have been playing since mid 2005, been maining shaman/paladin over the years, so either Horde or Alliance works for me.
    I have only been playing healing, so i'm a very experienced healer.

    * EU Player
    * PvE Clears (In Vanilla): ZG, MC, Onyixa, BWL, AQ20, only mangaged to do 1-2 bosses in AQ40.
    * PvP: Rank 7 (Blood Guard/Knight-Lieutenant)
    * Currently playing live and progressing Antours Mythic.

    Contact me via PM
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    Quote Originally Posted by Lanadelrey View Post
    Probably way too early for this
    Yeah just a bit.

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    You guys, classic won't be released in even 2018 probably. Jumping the gun just a wee bit dontcha think?
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    I am looking for a very fun and serious guild too for my main blood dk.

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    Quote Originally Posted by dender View Post
    I am looking for a very fun and serious guild too for my main blood dk.
    Can I join I have a panda monk?

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    Way too early to seriously recruit or anything, but I will likely be making a guild come Classic. I have a discord I use for streaming/youtube that is focussed around Classic, so feel free to PM me, or you can just get there through my twitch link We can talk more in disc if you're interested in prepping for Classic
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