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    I would love something like this:

    Windwalker has a Talent that makes him range, similiar to enhancers Ascendance, but permanent.

    So we stay at range, but kick in the air and create fire/wind what ever to deal damage.
    We will lose autoattack and some other stuff to stay balanced but deal more damage with abilities.

    based on the sun soul monk from d&d

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    That’s a television show where rules of RPG Don’t apply. In any Dungion and Dragon based RPG monks never are ranged based protégés.
    Wizards of the coast D&D itself introduced the range monk in 5e SCAG in 2015 <:

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    I said once before, if they gave a 4th spec to classes, it should have some cool lore reason to it. Like the world is under attack by an Old God, and every ones losing causing the classes to develop a 4th spec. For the monks, they decide they need to restore the forbidden teachings. That during the war, monk defectors to Lei Shen were taught to control the storms, with their monk knowledge they could create storms of jade lightning where ever they wanted. When Lei Shen was defeated the first time, and these monk traitors were imprisoned/executed, the monk leaders hid away the scrolls teaching them how to do it. Deciding that the knowledge was too powerful for anyone at the time to control.

    Attacks could consist of using Crackling Jade Lightning as a filler and chi generator. Throwing out lightning orbs like Arcane orb is, applying dots, what have you. Even an aoe that is sorta like a reverse transcendence. The monk teleports to the location of his target, then channels bursts of electricity out from his body electrocuting all targets around him, then teleports back to his starting location.

    But I don't see them giving 4th spec to classes because of the reason they gave druids a 4th spec, which you all seem to have forgotten. Feral was too powerful having both Bear and Cat mixed into it. They couldn't nerf one without nerfing the other. A cat could kick your ass, then go bear and become immortal until healed up, then go back cat. They separated those forms into their own specs so they could balance them better.
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    Its makes more sense for a Monk to have a 4th spec than any other class (not counting Druids). Blizz based an entire Xpac on 4 Celestials (mostly based), the Monk has 3 specs representing these, but 4 Celestials, 3 Specs.. Yeah I get that they kinda combined 2, but would make more sense for a 4th spec

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    First off nice job on necroing an over two year thread.
    Secondly Shaman deserves a fourth spec more as they are represented by fire(Elemental), air(Enhancement), and water(Restoration). But where is earth, they could make an earth tank spec.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hirix891 View Post
    Secondly Shaman deserves a fourth spec more
    Entirely subjective and just your opinion, Crane spec for monk is just as warranted as Shaman tank, both have spells from different element/celestial (Earthshield used to Rockbitter, for monk Way of the crane, Chi-Ji).
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    Monk is designed as a melee class. Even the healing spec is considered melee. I don't see it happening. It'd be like Warrior getting a ranged spec...nah, ain't happening
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    There are monks in lore that ve discovered abilities more similar to casters than mdps. CJL can have some sort of a spec based around it imo. Remember monks work in a way similar to shamans. They tap into an element to power themselves. The difference is the element they tap into, which is the spirit.
    Personally if WoW is to have something new and exiting, i would prefer to have either new specs (ranged monk, tank shaman, healer mage) or new classes (tinkerer, necromancer, runemaster)
    New races i kind of lost hope when Blizzard introduced Vulpera. I ve wanted Forest Trolls, Ogres, or even the freaking Naga! But no, we get little fox people. Not that i mind people enjoying those, i just felt we would get some race that was wanted for a long time.

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