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    what is your favorite disney song?


    what is your?

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    Why should I worry

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    Probably a whole new world.

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    From one of my favorite Disney Films as a Kid Pinnocchio.

    Cool cover

    And if course

    Little Mermaid Girlfriend loved this film, Always thought Ursula got a bad rap.

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    It could be the theme to a Star Trek Series.

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    Is epic for the more adult/darker themes. A priest lusting after a young gypsy girl and threatening to burn down all of paris to find her? I dunno how disney thought kids could understand those kinda themes but I miss that disney.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Hubcap View Post

    It could be the theme to a Star Trek Series.
    Love this one and the Hawaiian Rollercoaster Ride.

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    Hmm... Something from Aladdin probably. Mostly becuase I loved the movie as a kid.
    The Lion King has a few that are really good as well.

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    Originally it was a lot of songs from Lion King and Aladdin.

    I watched Frozen, and as much as I hate to admit it, Frozen was quite good for a while. I think Be Prepared was still my favourite.

    Watched Beauty and the Beast remake (never saw the original) and had Tale As Old As Time stuck in my head for months, along with Forevermore or whatever it is. And the Gaston song.

    Then I watched Tangled, and the intro song became a favourite. For like, a day, at which point I watched Moana, and holy crap.


    Just... Where You Are, We Know the Way, You're Welcome, those three are all SO good.

    Your Welcome is probably when I really laser-focused on the movie. Where You Are was good, but amusing in that it felt like its own story, if Moana were a pre-movie short. It almost felt like wrapping up by the end of the song. We Know the Way is just amazing.

    So I can't really pick one, but at the moment Moana has like 3 of my top 8.

    And then I rewatched We Know The Way and my eyes are wet. So I guess that one, for now.
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    Dat Keith David

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    Part of your world

    The story of a girl with a passion for ethnography.

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    The one force of nature they call by name.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Hubcap View Post

    It could be the theme to a Star Trek Series.
    that is a killer song, great soundtrack all together

    mine is Bippity Boppity Boop from cinderella.
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    The movie is pretty much a hot mess, but damn if I don't get caught up in Colors of the Wind when I hear it. The original one from the film, not the cover by Vanessa Williams, which sounds passionless in comparison.

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    Was my jam as a wee child.

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    The Bells of Notre Dame.

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    The dawn patrol is also good

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    Controversal but damn that song is prolly one of Disneys best!

    But as a Englishman this is prolly my fave of all time

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