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    Well, his plan makes sense.. In a kind of round-about way. Kill everything before it gets corrupted by the void, then start over in a universe with no void energy.
    Doubtful. The clash of light and void are what's required to create the universe in the first place.
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    You don't know that she didn't, and it doesn't matter what she said, her parents are "RESPONSIBLE" for her, and as "RESPONSIBLE" parents they protected their child, fuck the little boy or your feelings.
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    The thought of Illidan being the perfect Avatar of Sargeras is too hard for you to notice and grasp because if mmo-c would have and avatar or personification that would represent all those individuals who have worm's eye view,short sighted, narrow visioned I'd say the perfect name would be guess what? You Marcellus! You lack the patience to look around very hard for subtleties, what is obvious only appeals you, you fail so hard at presenting concrete evidence because you only consider one option, and you are so predictable that someone superior over you when it comes to mind games will simply have tremendous fun toying around with you.

    Here's some pointers so somehow you can catch up. review Gul'dan cut scene and analyze what he meant with it's time to go into the abyss and what's the connection of Sargeras plunging his sword into Silithus. What is that greater Battles that have to be fought accdg. to Xal'atath. And basically do a character research on both Illidan and Sargeras.

    And another pro-tip. Learn the art of reading between the lines and context clues.
    I know you’re off enjoying your forum vacation, but name calling disguised as a giant regurgitation of nothing doesn’t make you intelligent, just the opposite actually.

    Also, I’ve given you concrete evidence every time you’ve tried to argue with me, yet you still blow and go and refuse to read it. Read Chronicle and read articles on Illidan and Sargeras, because as always you are clueless.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Edlarel View Post
    it is a pretty good argument, but if it were the case, why would illidan opt to stay at the seat of the pantheon? That would be counter to sargeras’ plan of having an avatar on Azeroth. The only reason I could see would be to free him from the other titans. But, I think this one is legit and Iliana really is sticking around to just keep the guy on lockdown
    It's obvious. The old avatar of Sargeras which pretty much is dead is just a husk of what partial personification Sargeras truly is. As we can see how massive Sargeras is he is simply hugging Azeroth before impaling Gorribal.

    That assumption and detail lorewise is evident in-game via text entry of the dungeon journal.
    another example. Wrathion. He is imparted a portion of Amanthul's power.

    The pantheon are also known as the makers and what would be a great way of presenting Illidan making his maker, the one who made him who he was/is and his entire saga starting from his quest to becoming the first demon hunter, trained his Elven kin to become part of the Illidari- masters over demonic influence;a similar story arc Ren'dorei will be ushering as Alleria experiment will be the other side of the coin of Fel mastery of Illidan, conquering and becoming lord of Outland and the apex of BC expac, a cohort of the Lieutenant Kil'jaeden himself.

    He was pretty much excited to see Sargeras face to face and become one with him, fulfilling his version of sacrifice as the jailor of Sargeras. Illidan's body as a prison and also as a vessel and the exact replica of Sargeras ready to make his comback as the fight against the old gods and the void escalates.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Marcellus1986 View Post
    You clearly don’t know what an Avatar of Sargeras is do you? It’s a vessel for his soul which he grants a portion of his power to. Illidan was never granted any of Sargeras’ power other than power over fel, which isn’t something innately unique to Sargeras.
    Marcellus, Marcellus you never fail to entertain me by making an arguent which never fail to backfire at you.
    You made a description/definition of an Avatar and yet you contradict yourself? What now, you are recruiting additional force and yet it seems you yourself disagrees with your own statement.

    I'll help you out because I'm not th type of person who acts like you.
    You said an avatar is someone who gains a portion of a titan or a being more supreme than a mortal.
    Then how do you call Illidan? Wasn't he chosen, of all the mortal race of Azeroth, as his pioneer demon hunter? Wasn't the same fel flames and chaotic energy he absorbed a different energy Illidan learned to harness and have mastery over it? Wasn't the don eyes he now have equates to an omnipresent vision of all demon across Azeroth and across all realms of the Great Dark Beyond? He is basically professor X that way. If you are a demon you cannot hide your presence from him. Don't you think Sargeras doesn't hold such capability?

    Now you were given the liberty to bring up an irrelivant topic within this thread that vertigo12 is on vacation. Allow me to enlighten you. That person is a businessman and even under a vacation, he finds way, the resources, the workaround and definitely lots of time. You cannot simply command or order him to stop or use what ever tantrum you wish to utilize. He simply brings what he does and do it even under your so called vacation. MMO-C forums and everybody reading this will clearly see how desperate you will and have become. Continue to do so and it will just add more evidence of how you are as a forumer and as an unqualified speculator you are. Sorry but your schemes have been shortlived and unsuccessful. You fail to recognize I know how to use anticipation skills and a great grasp of how foresight works. Try again.

    Thank you for seeing my post and appreciating it from my perspective. I do hope you see it as fresh, insightful, and interesting.
    To answer your question about the Other Titans sans Sargeras, allow me to ellaborate.

    based on the final cinematic the Seat of the Pantheon is a very remarkable feat of WoW cosmogeny and theosophy. Titans are like gods of Romans and Greeks. Illidan made a choixe that he should stay and everything that happened part of the culmination he is about to perform. Vindicar left, the Pantheon channeled their arcane energy and used Illidan as beacon. All their energies fused together as one beam using Illidan as a focusing iris to fetch Sargeras and take the vacant and last remaining seat. He will forever be recognized as the Dark Titan's jailor. His body as a vessel, yes a prison. Sargeras is the Pantheons champion for fighting the void, their nemesis.

    The Avatar of Sargeras within Tomb of Sargeras and as an in-game raid allow us to experience an encounter that might be similar to how Magna Aegwin fought the previous avatar. In Lore the avatar is already defeated and deceased, only the husk left of what Sargeras is. It wouldn't be surprising if Sargeras didn't abandoned that failed personification.

    Feel free to expound our discussion and I'm looking forward to our healthy conversation. Btw who is Iliana? Terribly sorry as I'm clueless who s/he is.

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    Every post of Vertigo12 makes me laugh so hard...
    Please... Keep this up boiz

    Madness will consume you!!!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Bennett View Post
    Didn't he want to use Azeroth like he did Argus? But since we stopped him he just tried to destroy her in a rage I suppose
    That was my idea. Dark Pantheon + Dark Argus + Dark Azeroth + Sargeras = pretty much the greatest force in the universe. When he knew he was going to be stopped by the Pantheon, he made a snap decision based on his "better dead than corrupted by the void" belief that led to the whole Crusade in the first place.
    If you want to find out who rules you, find out whose opinions you're not allowed to disagree with without being punished.

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    I would not say Illidan would became a avatar but i do see him as binding sargeras to him.
    Theres 3 things to became a DH.
    Spectral Sight - Iliidan has them from Sargeras
    Arcane tattos to control the fel energy- Same from the one above.
    Bind a demon to the DH - I'm not aware that Illidan has one but a portion of power from Sargeras itself.
    So why not get the hole demon? We all know that Illidan is power hungry and this is the perfect change to became on of the most powerfull beings in the universe.
    Now this is MY opinion ok nothing else.
    Sargeras will became Illidan's demon with these he will try to reforge the legion to fight the void.
    I would love to see him came back to help us defeat the void only to betray us, thats why he his the betrayer and try to rule the universe.

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