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    When you are high up in Competitive you usually mained a specific role and when you play competitive your teammates will look at your stats. So if you are a Tank main you can only play tank in competitive because ppl at that rank hate to take chances. So if you actually want to play DPS it is way easier creating a smurf and playing DPS there.
    Und wenn du das Spiel verlierst, ganz unten stehst, dann stehn wir hier und sing Borussia - Borussia BVB!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Speaknoevil View Post
    People pay for plat carries.. ..... . ...... .. .. .. . .........?
    No idea if they do, just seen the smurfs advertising it.

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    Maybe everyone seems like a smurf because you just got the game and don't know what you're doing yet.

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