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    Getting the Same Dungeons Over and Over?

    I've random que'd up to level 23 so far and all I get is RFC, Deadmines and SFK. This was a problem on the ptr to but I assumed it was due to low realm population.

    In my eyes this is a major fault in merging all the dungeons together, and honestly I don't understand why they did it in the first place. Merging leveling zones makes sense because people out level them before they were completed, but this was never a problem with dungeons. How exactly do the positives outweigh the negatives with this system?

    - Can specific que for any dungeon (I doubt many people will be doing this)

    - Random que the same dungeons over and over
    - Lack of progression
    - Lack of loot variety
    - Reduced competitiveness (higher level players have way more spells)

    And I don't even know how this was supposed to effect que times because my ques have been the same or longer than usual.

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    rofl.. get used to it.. since dungeons are now harder and taking soo much longer, people will be playing dngeons less.. as of now, it don't worth doing dungeons, questing is way efficient to level up..

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