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    WeakAuras - Glowing Raid Frames

    Hi, I've been looking and I couldn't find a proper weakaura to make my raid frames glow (or change color, or anything really) when the player is on -60% health, any of you know how to make a weakaura like this?

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    Weakaura??? Have you tried VuhDo?
    I think everybody's nuts.

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    I'm not using VuhDo, just wondering if I can customize the default raid frames.

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    You could play around with this weakaura and see if it works Not 100% it is possible though

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    I tried that weakaura, but it only works for auras not status (hp/mana) and I don't know how to make that small change in its code..

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    Try this

    It should work as intended in raids. If you want to change threshold go to Actions>OnInit and change "aura_env.hplimit" to whatever % value you want.

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