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    Quote Originally Posted by Rassman View Post

    They don't need our permission to change their product.
    Correct, they don't, but they should leave in the option for us to change it back, anything else is pure laziness and complete disregard for player attachment to their characters.

    No cosmetics should change without the player's consent, because players choose things based on cosmetics, if you forcibly change those things the player's character can not feel like their character anymore. And once again, that should absolutely never happen under any circumstances in an RPG.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Louis Vertigo View Post
    Replacing the old ones? No.

    Some people like the old style, even if you count pixels.
    Actually, I think now that WoW Classic has been announced, they will shy a lot less away from replacing old stuff.

    Before, they felt old models were part of the legacy of World of Warcraft and they had to preserve that. Now that they don't have to preserve the legacy of WoW in the Modern client, they can take the axe to old eyesore models and stretched textures when it's more expedient to do so.

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