Stellar - US-Stormreaver (PvP) - Horde

Current & Previous Progression:
Antorus, the Burning Throne - 6/11M
Tomb of Sargeras - 7/9M
Nighthold – 10/10 M
Trial of Valor – 3/3 M
Emerald Nightmare – 7/7 M

Current Needs

Deathknight - High
Demon Hunter - Low
Druid - High
Monk - Low
Paladin - Low
Warrior - Low

Monk - High
Priest - High
Shaman - High

Ranged Dps
Hunter - High
Mage - High
Priest - High
Shaman - High
Warlock - High

Melee Dps
Monk - Low
Rogue - Low
Shaman - Low
Warrior - Low

We're always looking for exceptional players so if you don't see your class or spec posted above feel free to still drop an application in!

Raid Times:
Tuesday and Wednesday: 5:30pm-9:00pm (Pacific) // 7:30pm-11:00am (Central) // 8:30pm-12:00am (Eastern)

About Stellar:
Stellar originally formed back in HFC as a semi-hardcore 2 night guild that strives to achieve what most guilds take 3-4 nights to do on a 2 night schedule. With this being said we don't have much time in raid to waste and we expect our raiders to know each and every fight going into a new raid tier. We understand that everyone makes mistakes but we don't make mistakes, just happy accidents. We expect our raiders to quickly learn from these happy accidents and better their performance. Many of our raiders outside of raid do Mythic+ and normal/heroic versions of current tier to help improve their gear. We also play other games besides wow in our off nights.

Our Expectations:
Attendance: The only way we can succeed and have fun is as a team, so we expect all raiders to make coming to raid and being on time a priority. If something comes up or you have other plans, you must notify an officer 48 hours before your anticipated absence if possible. Many of us are students or working professionals, and we all have obligations outside of raiding. We also understand that sometimes life events come up unexpectedly. Nevertheless, it's important that we're investing time and gear into people who are reliable, so we expect all raiders to maintain a 90% attendance rate.
Consumables: We often have a raider or two that has a couldron to drop but in the event they aren't in raid we expect you to have your own personal flasks as well as combat potions. Feasts are provided once we get closer to a kill.

How To Apply:
Fill out an application at:

For more information, contact the following:
GM: DrToxic [B-Tag: DrToxic#1943]
Officer: Hemholtz [B-Tag: hemholtz#1840]

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