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    Bought Skullflame Shield back in classic cuz it was simply awesome (And to date still one of my fav shields). I still have it in my void storage and it won't go anywhere.

    Found a Krol Blade back in Andorhal, sold it and was finally able to buy my epic mount. Gold was harsh as a Prot Warriors back then.

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    My first was Kruls Blade in Western Plaguelands as mage. Gave it my paladin friend, so he could do "damage".

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    I still remember getting a epic Mace in tanaris killing a random ogre, almost pissed my pants!

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    One of my friends still had 256kb internet, so he couldn't play WoW. It was painful since he had loved Warcraft since first one. Huge Blizzard fan. He got to try it out like a year after at school playing on a friends account.

    First mob he killed, one of those trolls in Southern Stranglethorn. And he got an epic BoE item. Don't remember exactly which one, was around lvl 40ish either neckless or ring.

    First damn mob he killed in the game >.<

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    But I do remember getting a blue item, only to get another one from the very next mob. Happened twice.

    So that's something I guess.
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    My first one was Lei of Lilies necklace during a BRD run when leveling my priest. Didn't know what the color meant, so I equipped it...

    But the one I remember the fondest is the Krol Blade I looted from a dwarf on the bridge before the alliance base in Alterac Valley. Hole c*** the amount of whispers I received was insane

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    I saw a lei of lilies drop whilst in ST. Was a good day for our priest. Very exciting thing to happen as well since epics were not common at all outside of raids.

    I myself got Dragon’s Call (Again, ST) a few years later when levelling my paladin tank in preparation for WOTLK. Still have that sword now.

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    Gloves of Holy Might, dropped off a hyena in Tanaris on my warrior. Was excited at first until I realized it was leather. Decided I had no use for it so I sold it on the AH (for what I remember to be a very low price).
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    I got 3, I used them all.

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    I was grinding with my priest in northern Felwood, inside a cave killing elementals when Krol blade dropped. Damn it was epic feeling.

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    Were you one of these famous "Warladin" ?
    I was a somewhat successful Grand Marshal Retribution Paladin who raided almost all PvE content when it was current. (:
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    Yes, they exist in Legion, and actually sell for a lot since they require level 101.

    I got one in BC as well. It was the one that looked like a light saber. Forgot the name.

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    I have looted bow of searing arrows while leveling in hinterlands on my hunter. First epic ever. But it was in TBC.

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    Had been using legit helm of narv on my shaman for a long time. Drooped in winterspring of a moonkin.

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    My very first epic was a Staff of Jordan off a Buzzard in Badlands.

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    Staff of Jordan dropped for me in Western Plaguelands, followed by an Orb of Deception a few hours later.

    I'll never forget how happy that made me.

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    Yup I got a monocle for mages which I happened to be, dropped in feralas and was level 49, my first ever epic, it was pretty amazing.

    Kind of a big difference to now where epic is the base tier of gear and everything lower is just levelling gear or vendor trash.

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    Purple plate tanking boots. No idea the name anymore, but pretty sure I used it in the 40's range. Then the helm of the salamander guy, which I saw twice and won the second roll (might not be BoE though)

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    Edit: Oops posted already but yeah Staff of Jordan, Bad Lands

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    Quote Originally Posted by Spalding View Post
    I got my first BoE purple in Hinterlands as well!!! Some cloth chest which was a green robe! I was so hyped, evrn though I was a hunter!
    I got that same exact piece for my first ever! Except mine was in Un'goro Crater. How funny that we remember such things so well...
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