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    I had a few drop but I only remember a couple. One was when farming...something, maybe slugs, in EPL by Light's Hope and the ring for melee dps/tanks in vanilla dropped, I was ok on gold and raiding for better so sold it to a guildie for cheap. The other was in Cata (I think) when I was opening lockboxes gathered for The Insane and got a Teebu's.

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    Yes, I got the mail gloves w +weapon skill or whatever in Tanaris near the silithid area. Doesn't hold a candle to the feeling I had getting the QS book from my first tribute run. That was epic.

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    First epic I ever saw drop was in Mara off Princess while on my shadow priest. It was the Blade of Eternal Darkness. We had a mage in the group and after the group explained to him how much better it was for a shadow priest who uses shadow magic that puts a debuff on targets so they take more shadow damage, he passed on the roll and let me have it. I actually used that for a very long time because my friends on the server had it enchanted with shadow power. I remember replacing it with my epic staff from my first run of MC.

    First BOE epic I saw was in Silithus off some cultist. It was the Gut Ripper. I thought about selling it but ended up giving it to my rogue alt.

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    I got my first one during TBC while leveling a character in STV, near Zul'Gurub. It was also a staff.

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    Robes of Insight (old vanilla stats & effect: Robes of Insight).

    Actually got it in Zul'farrak, but as a lowly 45 Warlock at the time and having horrendous gear due to quests & mobs I took it and equipped it right away.
    Thought the spirit, intellect and the effect was far superior than any other chest item and therefore I needed it. Had no qualms with the rest of the party for doing so as I equipped it.

    It wasn't until recent years when I finally delved into coefficients, stats and effects that it was actually horrible. Not entirely unusable, but a stamina piece with a + spell damage done would've been far better.

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