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    I had a few drop but I only remember a couple. One was when farming...something, maybe slugs, in EPL by Light's Hope and the ring for melee dps/tanks in vanilla dropped, I was ok on gold and raiding for better so sold it to a guildie for cheap. The other was in Cata (I think) when I was opening lockboxes gathered for The Insane and got a Teebu's.

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    I'm not sure if you guys have noticed but sometimes I say things that are kind of dumb
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    I just like reading about the "vigorous rubbing" that might affect ball inflation.

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    Yes, I got the mail gloves w +weapon skill or whatever in Tanaris near the silithid area. Doesn't hold a candle to the feeling I had getting the QS book from my first tribute run. That was epic.

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    First epic I ever saw drop was in Mara off Princess while on my shadow priest. It was the Blade of Eternal Darkness. We had a mage in the group and after the group explained to him how much better it was for a shadow priest who uses shadow magic that puts a debuff on targets so they take more shadow damage, he passed on the roll and let me have it. I actually used that for a very long time because my friends on the server had it enchanted with shadow power. I remember replacing it with my epic staff from my first run of MC.

    First BOE epic I saw was in Silithus off some cultist. It was the Gut Ripper. I thought about selling it but ended up giving it to my rogue alt.

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    I got my first one during TBC while leveling a character in STV, near Zul'Gurub. It was also a staff.

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    Robes of Insight (old vanilla stats & effect: Robes of Insight).

    Actually got it in Zul'farrak, but as a lowly 45 Warlock at the time and having horrendous gear due to quests & mobs I took it and equipped it right away.
    Thought the spirit, intellect and the effect was far superior than any other chest item and therefore I needed it. Had no qualms with the rest of the party for doing so as I equipped it.

    It wasn't until recent years when I finally delved into coefficients, stats and effects that it was actually horrible. Not entirely unusable, but a stamina piece with a + spell damage done would've been far better.

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    Yes. I got a destiny weapon as a paladin when i looted a random mob. I thought I went blind because it was the first time I saw a purple.

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    My first ever world drop purple was the most exciting moment I had in Vanilla until I got a 10 storms helm for my Shaman later down the line(thing looked so sick).

    At the time of my world purp I was leveling as Enhance(the glorious 2 handed windfury days)

    I was doing Sunken Temple(and man was old sunken temple a bear) we had to break like half way through and send somebody back to town to find replacements we almost gave up multiple times it was hell. And we were clearing through some random hall and a snake drops a Kang the Decapitator. And i was literally at the minimum level to equip it. I rolled a 99. 1 person passed because he was my bud and a Mage so couldn't equip it. Beat the other 3 though and while I probably could have made a pretty penny at the time on the AH I said f*** it and equipped it since it fit my spec so well. Levelling was a breeze and I used it for quite a while, maybe all the way to 60 even..cant quite recall. I was straight freakin out i was so excited.
    The first BOE I ever saw drop was in a group in Vanilla, in Sunken Temple.

    Somewhere along my travels I acquired a Teebu's and have no idea how it dropped for me.

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    Boots of Avoidance was my first drop, in Tanaris, around level 45. I was doing that chicken robot escort quest along with 2 other people, and neither of them could wear plate.
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    Crazily enough, I saw 4 in Vanilla. Two were in dungeons, two were actual world drops while grinding. I didn't care much for questing in Vanilla, I had just come from EQ so grinding mobs was just what I did to level. I got 3 characters to 60 and numerous to 30-50, most characters only did quests for good gear or class quests.

    The first was the Dazzling Longsword, dropped from a raptor in STV while I was grinding 39-40 on my main, after not being able to sell it after a week I ended up moving it to the opposite faction and sold it. The second was a Blackskull Shield, from Maraudon, while I was leveling my friends shaman. I lucked out and won the roll. The next was Edgemaster's Handguards, dropped while grinding skeletons in WPL on my rogue. I priced them based on another pair in the AH and they sold pretty quickly, but about a year ago while dabbling on private servers I learned that those things are pretty much BiS for warriors for a long time, probably could have gotten a lot more than I did. The final one was Boots of Avoidance in a ZF run, which also had both of the swords drop that form into an epic sword. A warrior won the roll for boots, and was the only one able to use the swords so he got them as well.

    This subsequently used up all my luck for years to come, as I have only seen one other BoE world epic since then, and that was 6 months ago, a Super Simian Sphere!
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    Gutripper dagger off a whelp in the badlands on my hunter. Didn't know what BOE meant so I put it on and lost out on AH $250 gold when I really needed. it. O well. Reminds me of how much I used to love this game.
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    For my first 60 I got the superfast epic bow Hurricane during leveling in Felwood. I almost equipped it but a guildie hunter really wanted it. That saved me from getting one embarassing moment.
    Then I remember getting Stockade Pauldrons from grinding in Winterspring while waiting for queue pop for AV (as Horde back then, queue times were veeeery long atleast on server I played on (Haumarush EU)). Suddenly the grind towards epic mount was getting very close.

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    I never saw one in all of vanilla, or on my first PServer. Finally saw one on my second PServer. Glowing Brightwood Staff in BRD. I didn't win.

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    Nope. I couldn't have, because then I would've actually been able to afford epic riding before BC released. I explicitly remember not being able to afford it until Nagrand, where I wasn't used to the higher speed and ran right off the bridges.

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    Yes, I don't even remember what it was though. Something from just outside BRD, I think. My only clear memory was auctioning it for 500g and getting my epic mount.

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    Killing turtles in Tanaris prob for the scales for LW and got one of the epic guns. Think I sold it for 2-300g on the AH lol
    I had a all Night Elf Guild in Vanilla

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    Yes. Destiny (2h sword) was my BoE epic, although I'm not actually the one who picked it up. A friend of mine picked it up and gave it to me. Pretty nice for a warrior that was right at the required level to use it.

    It wasn't spectacular as far as epics go, but the +200 strength proc was great. I actually changed to arms sword spec for a while because of that weapon.

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