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    Playing healer all the time is annoying

    Healing is my least favorite role, yet I end up doing it all the time. Moira helped a little bit but I really hate feeling sitting their healing everyone else who is enjoying the game while I sit their bored. It also is extremely frustrating, and it makes me want to quit playing all together.

    I've recently just stopped playing healer and just pick what I feel like and often I will see messages like "healer main going dps gg" or something else that is really tilting.

    Gotta love Overwatch.

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    If you don't like playing something.. then just don't. Noone is forcing you into a certain role

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    I actually just play healer (Mercy), so in general, i don't think you should feel forced to play healer, and if you do, play a healer that is more aggressive (Moira, Zen).

    Note: Whenever they mention that "healer main going DPS", just point it out that you are healer main cause the DPS don't know how to heal.

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    So I've asked a few times this week about taking Mercy, either one of the healers switch to her, or take a Tank or DPS spot to allow me to take her. I've been very surprised at the negativity of the responses to this. It's weird.

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    I had a game where I locked in soldier, then someone locked in junkrat, 20 second later the last 4 lock in roadhog, orisa, rhein and dva.

    Someone says, "No Healer?"

    I switch to Mercy, then I say, "We don't need 4 tanks" and then the dva and roadhog switched to McCree and Moira.

    I don't ever play Mercy, but I wanted to win the placement match so I did the two things you can do to optimize your success ratio, I queued with a friend and I adapted to fill a role. We won with a shitty mercy, of which I never play.
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    It's always fps characters that moan about no one playing heal/tank...

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    Support main here. Feels good to show your teammates that you have their back...Even if the-said teammate is a Genji...
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    I have this issue a lot in these types of games. I try to be flexible, but it's irritating that one time you don't feel like playing support or healer.. you just get shit on

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    Never played a healer. Don't feel forced to stick with a role.

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    Suggestion: find people who actually like to play support and watch their back a bit - as in help with flankers and such, don't mean babysitting them all day - and they will be happy to play with you, because 99.9% of randoms never lift a finger to help their support in any way while bitching about healing. Good deal for everyone; you get heals without doing it yourself and they get to focus more on actually supporting the team rather than fighting solo for their own life 24/7.

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    The issue here is that DPS is always going to be seen as the more 'flashy/glam/attractive' role in a FPS, if not the more fun role to plat. Its the same in FPS's and MMOs and all manner of games. In wow the queues for tanks/healers are much much shorter than DPS.

    Thats never going to change, asking the masses to act differently is never going to work, so the game should bear that in mind.

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    Are these regular people you play with saying this? If not, how would they really know? Overwatch is a game designed to let you swap to whatever is needed, but you shouldn't be the only one forced into a role. I'll admit that more often than not, I'm the one swapping to Lucio/Mercy because support is needed, but there's no one forcing me to do so. I just want to win and sometimes that means playing support. You could always insta-pick a dps or tank as soon as the character select screen pops so someone else gets pressured into support if you want too.

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    I'm a healer main and actually find it to be the most fun role, but I feel you. Sometimes I want to play something else and it's very eye roll inducing when people assume you can't do anything else just because you mostly heal.

    My advice would be to play what you want and have fun, it's just a game after all. If people get snippy, ignore chat. If no one else swaps to healer and you lose, maybe the offense mains will learn they have to flex sometimes and can't just insta-lock into a single character.

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    I play healer main, though more or less only Mercy and Lucio. Love it, especially Lucio, it's the most fun I can have in any game.

    When both get taken, I even sometimes play Moira, as she is a hybrid and I usually get Gold damage with her.
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    I stopped playing healers (mercy for the most part) because I was getting tremors in my arm from w+m1 all the time. That and the responsibility.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Ninjavitis View Post
    I stopped playing healers (mercy for the most part) because I was getting tremors in my arm from w+m1 all the time. That and the responsibility.
    There's a toggle beam option for Mercy. Could have saved your finger pressing m1. :P
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    Eh I make the most of it by playing a healer I like if no one else is going to do it. Moira, zen and Ana if I feel like my aim is on point, but Ill play anything except mercy though. She's just a really boring healer. And if people bitch and moan that their support(s) aren't mercy then they should play it themselves if they really want it.
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    I get healer fatigue mainly when it's a losing streak and I'm healing the shit out of everyone, but they just can't kill anything. Now that Ana is rebuffed and Moira is OP, I can handle it more often. With Moira I'll often have to deal with the Widow b/c no one will go Minkums, Ana is just a freaking beast at everything now. But yeah, I bought an entirely new account just to get away from everything I had on my 900+ levels and be free to ignorantly play McRee and Widow all day.

    Turns out I'm getting pretty decent on both and it often comes in handy depending on group comps. Don't play if it isn't fun. That's the rule at the end of the day. It helps to find friends that all flex too, then you can all do whatever you want whenever.

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    I really enjoy healing, so I don't mind jumping on a healer. I just get annoyed when I pick my favorite healer (Lucio) and I get shit for it from my team, despite me doing a good job.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rhamses View Post
    I really enjoy healing, so I don't mind jumping on a healer. I just get annoyed when I pick my favorite healer (Lucio) and I get shit for it from my team, despite me doing a good job.
    Well, often enough, you have a situation like this: 2 tanks, 2 dps, Zenyatta and then.... BOOOM... Lucio Not a bad hero at all, but a single target heal like Mercy/Ana would be much more effective, you ll never top those tanks with two support healers.

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