< Vindicta Nocturna > is three day a week raiding guild located on Kazzak EU server, created recently in August 2017. The main core of the guild consists of players with 6+ years of experience, before we were raiding with multiple guilds on different servers.
Since we formed in the late 7.2.5 patch we managed to clear 3/9 M ToS and are highly motivated for Mythic progress in the new Antorus raid.
Our aim is to achieve the best results while keeping our 3 days a week raiding schedule. Raiding times are Wed/Thur/Sun at 23:00-02:00 Server time (GMT+1)

You can fing our progress on wowprogress website: Vindicta Nocturna on Kazzak (EU)

What are we looking for:
-People who while maintaining a very serious and focused mind on progress, can also be fun to have around and enjoy every aspect of the game.
-People that understand their class to the fullest extent and also the importance of team play and how they can contribute to achieving a common goal.
-People that will be on time and prepared, as well as be able to attend a minimum of 80% of all raids as we are raiding only 3 days a week
-Mature people that are understanding and have patients as progression raiding can be both time consuming and frustrating

What can you expect from us:
-Stable raiding with experienced and mature people that are always ready to lend a hand when needed
-Good atmosphere within the guild and other activities outside of the main raids (we do Mythic plus runs, PVP)
-Fair loot distribution/balance gearing
-A new family!

Currently recruiting:
Very High Prio: Elemental Shaman
Very High Prio: WW Monks
Very High Prio: Balance Druids
Very High Prio: Mages
High Prio: Frost/Unholy DK
High Prio: Ret Paladins
High Prio: MM Hunters
Medium Prio: Shadow Priests
Medium Prio: Furry Warriors

How to apply:
You can apply on our website: vindictanocturna(DOT)wowhordes(DOT)com
Or alternatively you can find us in game:

- - - Updated - - -

We are still recruiting !!!!!