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    Vanilla rep rewards?

    I am finding it very difficult to find a complete list of Vanilla wow rep rewards. (PvE factions and also BG Rep)

    AWoW talks about the faction.. but does not have information about rewards.

    I am trying to map out what rep i want to do at 60. But am struggling to find Vanilla information.

    Does anyone have a link to some good Vanilla faction rep reward info?

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    Go to https://db.vanillagaming.org/ and search for the faction you want in the Database tab. Then look at the NPC list and find the supply vendor. You'll be able to see everything they sell and items will have the rep requirement listed on them for some of them.

    If it's not listed then just assume that rare items are Revered and below and epics are Exalted.
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    I use db.vanillagaming aswell. It's basically a complete snapshot of wowhead from late vanilla. You can find all factions and all quests and rewards:

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